ATV Riding Boots

ATV Boots

ATV boots are THE essential gear for any rider as they ensure the correct protection for any ATV lover who is either hitting the trails or racing. BTO Sports is known for providing excellent customer service and proliferating riders of all levels to be the best they can possibly be. BTO Sports is a proud provider of top ATV boots for all riders.

Just like your hands, your feet are one of the most important aspects of riding. When you think about how often you shift gears and work the rear brake pedal you begin to realize the importance of good boots for ATV riding. The FLY 2012 Maverik MX Boot ATV combines protection, durability, and value to keep you grabbing gears for years to come. These ATV boots provide shin protection and come in adult, youth and mini sizes.

One of the best ATV boots in the market is the Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots ATV. The Tech 7 features an advanced closure system and outsole derived from Tech 10 technology. These ATV boots offer a great specification, performance combination and true value for your money.

For the Gaerne Sg-12 Boots ATV, they feature a Dual Stage Pivot System. This revolutionary new system is patented and exclusive to Gaerne and is certainly going to be a hit and the perfect boots for ATV. The first pivot is attached to the "Razorback". These are one the best ATV boots as they provide a rigid component that offers a strong lateral support while a glide-plate keeps the upper in a firm and upright position. Additionally, these top ATV boots absorb shock in the case of over-jumping a jump or in the case of unwanted compression.

Whatever ATV boots you're seeking, BTO Sports will is sure to be your one-stop destination. With BTO Sports' extensive collection your new ATV boots will definitely make you want to take your riding to the next level.

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