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SixSixOne Motocross Gear, SixSixOne Dirt Bike Gear and Accessories

SixSixOne motocross is a brand that embodies what it means to have fun on two wheels, no matter if it’s dirt or on the road. SixSixOne motocross has made its mark on countless riders internationally. With its formidable army of faithful riders who push themselves to the limit every day, the company gains satisfaction in knowing they have riders covered head to toe in SixSixOne dirt bike attire. 

Established in Southern California in 2000, SixSixOne motocross set out on a path to push the envelope in protective equipment. This quickly led to SixSixOne dirt bike gear having one of the most recognized logos on the best tracks, parks, and trails.

SixSixOne motocross gear could easily make a superhero jealous with its sleek and sophisticated designs. The minimalist and low-profile styles allow SixSixOne dirt bike riders to make a surprise attack on the track. With a focus on protection, SixSixOne motocross accessories are built to comfortably embrace and endure the roughest of riders. 

The SixSixOne dirt bike 2012 Core Saver protects the body like a comfortable glove. This SixSixOne motocross gear provides a breathable and moisture wicking main chassis with compression-molded EVA shoulder panels. The Core Saver even offers an articulated spine guard, which will easily protect SixSixOne dirt bike riders.

The 2012 Wrist Wrap Pro is also one of BTO Sports best-selling SixSixOne dirt bike accessories. Premium wrist wrap are built to support the wrist, prevent wrist fatigue, all without inhibiting your grip. This SixSixOne motocross gear has a tough reinforced Lycra shell with dual Velcro straps for non-slip performance.

BTO Sports is proud to provide SixSixOne dirt bike gear because of its high-quality products. It is clear why SixSixOne motocross following developed quickly and have an army of athletes worldwide wearing, testing and aiding them in their quest to design the ultimate gear.

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