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What you look for in street bike helmets really depends on your relationship with the road. The best street bike helmet for a commuter may look a lot different than the street bike helmet a guy wears to cruise the streets of a beach town. BTO Sports offers the road enthusiast hundreds of options to choose from – and that's not even taking color options into consideration.

If your road bike is built so you may speedily weave through traffic, you're likely going to want a street bike helmet with full face coverage, including in front of the chin and around the base of the skull. This style of street bike helmets often include design elements intended to help a rider stay more aerodynamic, whether it's small spoilers or air ventilation ducts helping to streamline the shape of your head at greater speeds. Street bike helmets such as this typically feature flip-up visors which may or may not be tinted for sun protection (and style concerns).

Another design element worth considering for this style of street bike helmet is the modular, flip-up design, in which the chin bar and visor flip up as a single piece, allowing the rider at rest to expose his or her face without removing the helmet. The inner liner of this type of street bike helmet may not always fit as comfortably as a properly sized full face helmet, but it should still fit snugly in order to offer real protection.

If you're only riding shorter distances on slower streets, and less concerned about high speed gravel, dirt and bugs getting in your mouth or hitting you in the face, an open face, or 3/4 helmet might be an option. These street bike helmets usually feature a flip down visor for partial face protection, but no chin bar or guard, so the rider may feel less encased by the helmet and consequently a little less closed off to the world.

To this end, many favor the classic looking street bike helmets of leather-clad bikers and vintage enthusiasts, usually a half helmet that neither encloses the face or the base of the skull. Not always the best street bike helmet in terms of safety, in terms of looks these can be tough to beat, whether you're talking about the slightly flared German infantry style helmet (with or without top spike), the sporty top visor look of the classic shorty, or the rounded "pudding basin" look, which goes especially well with vintage British bikes. Such half helmets really let you hear your motor rev, with the added benefit that you also get to shop through the BTO Sports selection of goggles to find the right pair to suit the look of your helmet (bomber jacket, cut denim vest or scarf optional).

There's no single answer to the question what makes the best street bike helmet, other than maybe any helmet you wear that actually protects you from injury. Browse BTO Sports' hundreds of models to find DOT, ECE and/or Snell certified helmets for one that looks right for you.