Biltwell Motorcycle Helmets | Product Spotlight

April 16th, 2015

 Biltwell Motorcycle Helmets

“Honesty, Value, and Performance.”


This is the creed that Biltwell operates under. Biltwell does not solely concentrate on the exterior or form of their products. Functionality comes first. At times, motorcycle parts become so expensive that the soul of of the hobby is lost. Biltwell does not believe in motorcycle helmets being expensive for the sake of being expensive. Ostentatious rigs or flashy parts are not what Biltwell is all about. They feel that today’s custom bike culture has started to lack integrity and is beginning to lose sight of what it important. They are not alone in this sentiment. More and more riders are part of the push for simpler products that perform well and last long. This is where Biltwell, with its no-nonsense attitude comes in.

Biltwell is a company that believes in the spirit and fun of motorcycle-riding and motorcycle culture. Part of Biltwell’s remembrance of the olden days is to imbue their products with the style and attitude of the past. Their motorcycle helmets are no different. These vintage-esque helmets borrow heavily from popular motorcycle helmets of the past, and then reinvigorate their insides with all the standard trappings of modern motorcycle helmet safety today. Keeping the features of past helmets, without sacrificing the safety and technology available today is a no-brainer. Motorcycle helmets are #1 in importance for any rider. On top of that, the penultimate reason riders buy a helmet is to actually be safe. Biltwell cuts all the bull and flash, and has made practical, durable, nostalgic helmets that any rider who values their safety will be able to afford.


 Biltwell Gringo S Helmets

The Biltwell Gringo S Helmets are some of the highest quality motorcycle helmets out there. The style is nothing gaudy and is reminiscent of the  motorcycle helmets from an era of motorcycle culture that vibes with what Biltwell is all about. The technology however, is not reminiscent of old-school motorcycle helmets. The heart of the Gringo S is the injection-molded ABS outer shell. This hits the ground running first if needed, while the shock-absorbing EPS liner with hand-stitched interior padding will catch your head and minimize any force and vibrations you might succumb to. These safety measures do not inhibit the comfort level of these helmets in any way. Specially designed cheek pads and BioFoam chin bar cushion make everyday, prolonged use as comfortable as possible.

To order the Biltwell Gringo S Motorcycle Helmet in a variety of designs,  CLICK HERE

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Fly Racing M16 Riding Shoes | Product Spotlight

April 14th, 2015

Fly Racing M16 Riding Shoe

Protect your feats!


Only those that like to be prepared, know the importance of a good pair of riding shoes. The stronger your bike is, the more vibrations your engine wants to emit. This actually has a catastrophic effect on your feet if you are not careful. Your feet alone are made of many different bones, ligaments, cartilage, nerves, and muscles that could be affected detrimentally by bad vibrations. Prolonged exposure to these vibrations could cause a plethora of problems for your feet. A good riding shoe can prevent many ill effects or minimize any long-term damage on your feet.

Enter the Fly Racing M16 Racing Shoe. The M16 shoe features special designs made solely to keep your feet safe and sound. Keep the vibrations good with these latest Riding Shoe offerings from Fly Racing:


Fly Racing M16 Canvas Riding Shoes

The Fly Racing M16 Canvas Riding Shoe is a lightweight, breathable shoe that incorporates all the technical features of the other riding shoes as well. The crown jewel of the M16 Riding shoe is the crush resistant sole and the composite shank that isolates your foot from engine vibrations. While this is important, it is also necessary to protect what connects your foot to your leg, your ankle. The M16 provides dual density ankle protectors that give your ankles an extra padding to stave off any unwanted ankle injuries.

To order the Fly Racing Canvas Riding Shoes, CLICK HERE



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Roland Sands Design Motorcycle Leather Jackets | Product Spotlight

April 10th, 2015

Roland Sands Design Motorcycle Leather Jackets

Ride Safely, Ride Stylishly


The roads are inviting, and you are more than willing… but you need protection. Unquestionably, motorcycle leather jackets are your answer.

Not only are they important to help you battle against the elements, but they also protect against anything the road throws at you with every slip, slide, and fall. After every adventure, you must relinquish your ride. Getting off your motorcycle doesn’t mean you have to leave your jacket. An iconic piece of American clothing, leather jackets have been cool since day one. From James Dean, to Steve McQueen, motorcycle leather jackets are here to stay. Flexible enough to rock on and off your ride, leather jackets are a staple in any rider’s wardrobe or gear collection.


Ever since the age of 5, when he got his first Dirt Bike on his birthday, Roland Sands has had bikes on his mind. His varied experiences with motorcycles throughout the years has lead him to the most obvious destination: Roland Sands Design. With his own company, Roland Sands is able to have a hand in everything motorcycle related. From parts and accessories, to whole custom cycles, the name Roland Sands represents quality. The offerings in the leathers department is no different. Roland Sands has created quality motorcycle leather jackets, designed with both sportbike and chopper influences from Roland Sands’s life.


As a knight of the streets, you want to make sure you have the best suit of armor protecting you at all times. Here are the top leathers from Roland Sands:



One of the most classically styled leather jackets out there, the Roland Sands City Leather Jacket continues the iconic look of old school cool in America. No other jacket encompasses the essence of Rebel Without a Cause like this foray from Roland Sands Design. Although the outside conveys both a  rebellious cool and an easygoing nature, the jacket contains all the technical specifications of modern leather jackets. Sleeve zip pockets and zip close cuffs are some of the innovative ways to keep the jacket updated and customizable, without sacrificing the look of Americana.

To order the Roland Sands Design City Leather Jacket in many available colors, CLICK HERE

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The Ultimate Guide to Summer Riding and Exclusive BTO Deals!

April 10th, 2015


Street Bike Summer Riding Guide

Click the image to view full size!

Summer’s here before you know it. To stay one season ahead and get your bike ready, BTO Sports is hosting a Summer Adventure Sale – all your favorite accessories priced for exceptional value.

Wherever the road takes you, BTO Sports has a deal for anytime, anywhere, behind-the-handlebars fun.

Navigating Needles Highway? Shop our GPS Gear & More

South Dakota’s Black Hills is home to some of the most stunning scenery for bikers – but you gotta know your way around. We have tank bags, video cameras and GPS devices to make your trip even more memorable.

Highway 1 — #1 for a Reason!

From Oregon to Southern California, the famed Pacific Coast Highway is perfect for an epic springtime odyssey. With free apparel exchanges from BTO Sports, you can find all sorts of essential gear.

Big Sky Country’s Sun Road: A True Riding Paradise

Montana is known for grizzlies, open skies and scenic statewide countryside. If you’re headed to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park, you’ll need some tires up to the task. Check out our summer tire event, with names like Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli and many other top brands.

Tackle the Tail of the Dragon – But Secure Your Stuff First!

Deal’s Gap, North Carolina features the legendary Tail of the Dragon trail, a twisty & treacherous, curvy & crazy road with over 300 turns. Many bikers have taken a spill, so go into lockdown mode with our premium selection of cargo carriers, locks and other accessories to ensure your safety & security.

Route 66: America’s Favorite Highway

Stretching from Santa Monica, CA to Chicago, Route 66 is over 2000 miles, with interesting sights around every bend. But 66 also has some lonely straightaways. Breakdowns here would be a major bummer, but with our batteries, ignition devices, air filters and more, you’ll find your ultimate Route 66 destination.

Don’t Leave for the San Juan Mountain Skyway without these Items

Colorado’s majestic peaks contain some of the best motorcycling roads in the country, and the San Juan Mountain Skyway might be the best. The crown jewel of the Rockies, the SJMS could take a while – better stock up with a few odds ‘n ends, available in a tucked-away corner of the BTO Sports garage we call “Hitting the Road.”

Check out our full street bike gear selection or call us any time if you don’t see exactly what you need at 1-888-613-3393.

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Top 5 Motorcycle Luggage for Spring 2015

April 7th, 2015

Bags for your Adventure Await!


The sun is dancing through the clouds, the birds are flirting with one another, and your motorcycle is whispering to you: “Ride me. Forever.”

Spring is coming, and that means the perfect riding weather is upon us. The road is opening up, and is awaiting your return from an ugly, cold, winter hiatus. It’s time to give it all you’ve got before the sweltering summer leaves you tired and browbeaten. Searching for the perfect street gear for your motorcycle can be an even more arduous task than actually getting up and going out there. However, being ill-prepared is a recipe for a bad time. Motorcycle bags are the best way to transport and keep your most important items safe and by your side at all times.


To help you out, we at BTO Sports have compiled a list of the top travel motorcycle luggage and bags for your bike that will give you everything you need… no matter how long, hard, or dirty your journey is going to be.


Nelson Rigg Deluxe Roll Bag:

Nelson Rigg Deluxe Roll Bag

Designed to withstand any April showers that may come your way, the Nelson Rigg Deluxe Roll Bag comes complete with a 100% waterproof rain cover that is perfect to protect your most important personal effects from any liquids. Usually, riding hard might occasionally tussle your bag out of place at best, and completely fall off your motorcycle at worst. The “Full Nelson” mounting system keeps your bag in place, no matter what. This bag is a transformer. It may stand alone, mounted on your backrest, or mounted on your sissy bar. The Nelson Rigg Deluxe Roll Bag can also work together with many other Nelson Rigg complete bags due to specially designed compatibility systems. Sometimes it’s better with two at a time. This makes this particular bag capable of doing any job you need it to do, and look great doing it. To order the Nelson Rigg Deluxe Roll Bag, CLICK HERE

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