Fox 2015 360 Atlanta LE Image Gear | Product Spotlight

February 27th, 2015

If you grew up during the late 80’s and early 90’s, you might remember a rider that terrorized the tracks by the name of Damon Bradshaw. You also might remember the flashy motocross gear he wore from the gear company Fox. For the Atlanta 2 round during the 2015 Supercross season, Fox is turning the clocks back and celebrating the “Beast from the East” with their Limited Edition Fox 360 Image Atlanta gear combo. Even if you didn’t grow up around that time, you can still look like the “Beast” out on the track!


The  “Beast from the East” rocked the Fox Image Racewear in 1990.







Fox has stayed true to the original design, only updating the material used to modern day moisture-wicking material and vented mesh panels for air circulation. The bold neon colors scream retro while being new at the same time! From the 80’s Fox logo emblazoned on the jersey’s chest with splatter paint design to the pants that look just as cool, you will be sending your competition in to the past as you blow by them at the track!

Fox 2015 360 Atlanta LE Image Jersey:

Order the full gear combo now: CLICK HERE

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Dragon NFX/NFXs Motocross Goggles | Product Spotlight

February 18th, 2015

Frameless Design Comes to the Motocross World

With twenty years of industry cred, Dragon has raised the bar in the motocross goggle game with their latest offerings, the NFX and the NFXs goggles. Both goggles have been rigoriously tested and will change the way you think about eye protection.


Featuring a revolutionary Frameless design technology which is the first in the motocross world, the NFX and NFXs goggles provide more peripheral vision than any other goggle on the market today. This frameless design provides a rider with a clearer field of vision that improves both riders safety and performance. Dragon didn’t skimp on the foam, as they installed slant quad foam for maximum sweat absorption and filtering.


The lens is a shatter resistant and will not crack upon being hit by the roost of modern 4-stroke motocross bikes. The task of changing the lens has been simplified because of the frameless design. No longer do you have to line up pins, it’s just a matter of snapping the lens in place on the NFX and the NFXs.


Dragon has two offerings in their frameless design goggles. The original NFX goggle is the larger fit design and is suited to riders wearing helmets size M-XXL. The NFXs is a smaller (or Standard) design that is suited to riders wear helmet sizes XXS-M.



From the moment you take the goggles out of the box, you know they are a serious piece of equipment. The NFX and NFXs have a “Futuristic” look to them that reminds me of Star Wars Stormtroopers, which since I am a fan of Star Wars I thought cool. They both come with a nose guard installed, but these can be taken off if desired. Since I ordered the Ion lens goggles, it was nice to see that Dragon packaged a clear lens in the box. I had no issues fitting the NFX into my various helmets, though it can be a tight fit with certain helmets that have a built-in nose/mud guard as is the case with my LS2 MX456. This was remedied with pulling the nose guard from the NFX(which I tend to run it this way).

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2015 Troy Lee Designs D3 Bicycle Helmets | Product Spotlight

February 16th, 2015


When you think of Troy Lee Designs, the first thing that comes to mind is jaw dropping helmet designs for any racer on wheels.   When Troy Lee set out to conquer the bicycle helmet segment in the early 2000’s with the D3 helmets, they were the premier helmet of professional MTB racers.


The D3 helmets are the fighter jets of the bicycle helmet world. Solid, sleek and mean looking, the 2015 Troy Lee Designs D3 helmets are ready for battle! Setting the standard for safety, the D3 comes with an dual-density inner shock pad system that helps absorb smaller impacts and withstand multiple hits along with the thicker EPS liner. This means rider confidence as you are blitzing down the hill.  You head will stay cool thanks to the maximum ventilation system of 14 intake ports and 6 high flow exhaust vents that are designed to release hot air, ensuring even air flow of air through the helmet interior. A removable quick release cheek pads along with the removable comfort liner adds rider comfort as you ride. As an added safety feature, the D3 is also designed to function with neck braces. A fully adjustable visor allows the rider to customize the height for better vision. To complete the package, the 2015 D3 helmets all come with a premium helmet bag and 2 color matching visors.


If you are serious about protecting your head, the D3 full face bicycle helmet is at the top of the list. From it’s aggressive looks to it’s innovative safety features, the 2015 Troy Lee Designs D3 helmets will take you to the finish line!

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Fly Racing Sector Motocross Boot | Product Spotlight

January 28th, 2015

Fly Racing has been in the motocross game a long  time and is regarded as one of the top companies when it comes to motocross racing gear. The last couple years they have set out to not only become a player in the high end gear segment, but to dominate it.  Nothing seems more evident than their latest offering, the Sector motocross boot. Perfect for riders hitting the track or the trails, the Sector is ready for the challenge.

Fly Racing Sector Boot

The Sector boot represents Fly Racing’s entry in to the premium off-road boot segment and has packed this boot with features and technology from every Fly Racing product. Designed in conjunction with TCX, the Fly Sector boot features safety innovations to keep you out on the track. A torsion control protection system that reduces the risk of ankle injury by restricting the excessive backward /forwards and sideways foot torsion while allowing the necessary freedom of movement. The Sector boot comes in two colors and sizes 7-13US.

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ISAW Extreme Action Camera | Product Spotlight

January 22nd, 2015

The Newest Action Camera for Your Adventures

If you are looking for a camera to capture your adventures, it is even easier than ever with the newest action camera on the market, the ISAW Extreme Action Camera. What better way to share your experiences on the track, trail, mountain or out in the desert than with an action camera designed for your ultimate adventures.  This high level POV camera provides broadcast quality to showcase your adventures the best way possible and is what the ISAW cameras are all about.


ISAW Extreme Action Camera

The ISAW Extreme is an pro quality HD helmet cam worthy of your adventures.


With two cameras to choose from, the ISAW Extreme and the Advance, you can now choose just how serious you want to take your filming. While the Advance will meet the needs for most weekend warriors, the upgrade to the extreme comes with a Wi-Fi feature and the latest technology that will satisfy the needs of professional filming. The camera’s are so good, they are the official camera of Team BTO Sports!


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