Best Amateur Motocross Video Contest—Starting Now!

November 12th, 2014

Do you have amazing motocross skills? Have you mastered a new trick that is sure to impress anyone—even those who ride motocross themselves? Do you have a creative way of capturing your talent on video? If you think you have what it takes, capture your skills on video and submit the footage to BTO Sports’ newest contest!

Enter the Contest Now!

Starting November 12, amateur motocross riders across the country are encouraged to upload videos of themselves riding motocross to BTO Sports’ Best Amateur Motocross Video Contest. Open voting will select the top five videos, and those people will have a chance to win one of three amazing prizes. The first place winner gets a trip to Angels Stadium for Anaheim 1 Supercross on January 3, 2015! Your airfare will be paid for** and you’ll get two tickets to the race, a behind the scenes TEAM experience, a two-night stay in a hotel, and more! The second place winner will receive a $500 BTO gift card, and the third place winner will receive a $250 BTO gift card.

Here’s the down low on how to enter:

  1. You have to be at least 18 and your video has to be motocross related.
  2. Your video cannot be any longer than 15 seconds. Choose your film wisely!
  3. Once you’ve made your video, you can submit it by tagging @btosports and #BTOA1SX on Instagram or Twitter, or via BTO’s contest page here.
  4. Your video will be displayed on the BTO Sports website here: Share the link with friends and family so they can view your video and vote for you to win! You can also visit that link to vote for your favorites!

You have from November 12 to December 10 to upload videos, and voting will go from November 12 until December 11. Once the top five videos have been selected by voters, the BTO staff will pick the first, second, and third place winners. Winners will be announced on December 12.

Do you have what it takes to win BTO Sports’ best amateur motocross video contest? If you think you do, start riding and get recording!

**International applicants are encouraged to submit videos, but airfare for an international winner will not be covered. International winners will be given a $500 BTO gift card as a substitute for airfare.

BTO Sports Amateur Motocross Video Contest

The Original Moto-Gate | Product Spotlight

November 5th, 2014


If you have ever struggled to keep all your gear from flying out of the bed of your truck while on the way to the track, you are not alone.  It seems this is a universal struggle among all motocross/atv riders.  After loading up all you need for a trip out to the track, it may be impossible to close the tailgate and secure things such as a ramp, gas can, gear bag and other essential items in place. Professional freestyle rider Lance Coury had the same concerns when he started hauling his bikes to the track. That’s when he had the great idea for Moto-Gate.


What is Moto-Gate?


You may be asking yourself, what it Moto-Gate? The design is very simple. By combining a tailgate net with tie-down straps, you get a net system that is easily adjustable on any vehicle. No longer do you need to install parts to make a tailgate net fit.  By combining the straps of a tie-down on to the netting, you can adjust the Moto-Gate around anything you need to secure in less than a minute.


Taking away all the worry of losing your gear as you drive down the highway is what the moto-gate is all about. It’s a good way to keep ramps and other big items in place rather than trying to awkwardly tie them down. The uses of the Moto-Gate are not limited to the back of your truck. If you are hauling things on the back of an ATV/UTV, you can use the Moto-Gate to secure such things as a cooler, boxes, logs or any other load from falling.

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Pro Taper Fuzion Handlebar | Product Spotlight

October 23rd, 2014

Dialing in your ride with the Fuzion Handlebar



Pro Taper is no stranger to motocross handlebar innovation. Since they introduced the first over-sized handlebar back in the early 90s, Pro Taper has been at the forefront of motocross control. Their latest handlebar innovation once again pushes Pro Taper to the top. The new Fuzion handlebar from Pro Taper will make you re-think what handlebars you use when hitting the track.


When it comes to quality, there’s no doubt that Pro Taper produces handlebars that work. Their EVO series handlebars are one of the top traditional style bars on the market and their oversized bars are the best out there. When Pro Taper set out to turn the motocross world on its head again, they decided to take the best attributes from the traditional style bar and mate it with the feel of an oversized bar. From that day, the Pro Taper Fuzion Handlebar was born.


Using a traditional EVO tapered oversized handlebar set-up, Pro Taper has added a “flex” dial in the middle of the cross-bar allowing the rider to ‘fine-tune’  the feel of the handlebar depending on track conditions. Want the bar to feel more rigid? Dial in less flex. Want more flex to absorb the bumps? Turn the dial the opposite way and the bar magically has flex. You get the best of both worlds without changing bars!


The Fuzion handlebar is a new concept in high performance control systems. The revolutionary flex locking system allows riders to choose between a stiffer, more controlled handlebar feel or a softer more shock absorbing feel depending on terrain conditions. Changing the bar from “Locked” to “Unlocked” takes only seconds. The bar itself utilizes ProTaper’s exclusive aluminum alloy computer profiled in a 4mm wall design for the ultimate in lightweight strength.


  •  - Revolutionary flex locking technology provides two completely different flex characteristics in one handlebar.
  •  - “Unlocked” function allows the cross bar to telescope and flex like a normal ProTaper handlebar.
  •  - “Locked” function connects the crossbar creating solid, definite feedback to the rider.
  •  - Constructed of ProTaper quality, ultra-strong aerospace aluminum.
  •  - Knurled clutch side offers better hand grip adhesion.
  •  - 1/4″ bar width cut guides ensures precise modification.
  •  - Plastic bar end plugs keep out the elements and provides a better base for grip ends.
  •  - 1/4″ cut guides for precise width modification.
  •  - Weighs only 975 grams.
  •  - Includes Fuzion specific molded crossbar pad.
  •  - Note: Bar is oversize and requires use of 1-1/8″ bar clamps.


While race teams have been cutting their crossbars for years to achieve the same effect, the Pro Taper Fuzion Motocross handlebars now allow riders to adjust the flex in their handlebar to suit their riding style without permanently altering  the handlebars. With bikes becoming more customizable than ever before, don’t pass up the new Pro Taper Fuzion handlebar so you can dial in your ride.


The Pro Taper Fuzion Motocross handlebar is available now at BTO Sports for $116.99 in various bends. To order today, CLICK HERE


The Latest Motorcycle Street Gear for the 2014 Fall Season

October 14th, 2014

BTO Sports Showcases the newest street gear for the 2014 Riding season

As the hot summer months come to an end, it’s about that time to head out on the roads for one of the best riding seasons, the fall. With ideal weather that makes long riding adventures a pleasure, having the latest gear is also paramount in making your ride on the street more enjoyable.  Below we have compiled a list of the hottest latest street gear available for the motorcycle street rider to make your riding season safe and fun.   Alpinestars Bogota Drystar Jacket:

Alpinestars Bogota Drystar Jacket is perfect for all weather riding. 

A versatile jacket that all-weather jacket that will keep you protected from the elements, the new Alpinestars Bogota riding jacket is designed for riding adventures where the weather isn’t always ideal. Featuring Drystar waterproofing and waterproof zippers and an innovative ventilation system, the Bogota is for serious riders who put a lot of miles on their adventures where temperatures could be single digits one minute and triple digits the next. To order Alpinestars Bogota Drystar Jacket, CLICK HERE   Scorpion EXO-R2000 Masbou Helmet:

The R-2000 Masbou helmet is Scorpion’s flagship model.

Known in the road racing world for their ultra-exotic full face helmets, Scorpion has taken their road racing technology and wrapped it up in one of the best helmets on the market. The EXO-R2000 Masbou helmet is the flagship helmet in Scorpion’s lineup and it shows. Built with Scorpion’s exclusive TCT composite shell construction that makes the R2000 lightweight and an EPS liner designed to keep you safe. 6 intake ports and 10 exhaust ports keep riders comfortable on long rides. To order, CLICK HERE

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Scorpion VX-R70 Helmet | Product Spotlight   

September 5th, 2014

Scorpion VX-R70 | BTO Sports Product Spotlight

One of the more unique motocross helmets on the market today is from a company that you may not have heard of, Scorpion EXO. Known in the road racing world for their super exotic street helmets, Scorpion has entered the off-road world with their top-of-the-line VX-R70 helmet.  Used by MXGP riders in Europe, riders of the famed Paris/Dakar rally and most recently the WFO Baja race team, the Scorpion VX-R70 motocross helmet is a serious helmet with high-end features that will make this the helmet of choice for your next ride.


The VX-R70 is a Serious Helmet


Right out of the box, our VX-R70 “Flux” model feels like a race ready piece of equipment. The TCT (Thermodynamic Composite Technology) shell that is a 5-layer blend of interlaced and specially formulated fiberglass, aramid and organic poly-resin makes this feel like one of the lightest helmets on the market.  The inside of the helmet is equipped with a super comfortable removable liner that is designed to wick moisture , thanks to the KwikWick II liner, and keep riders heads cool during warm weather.  To aide in airflow, there are three intake ports to pull in fresh air and 2 exhaust ports to expel the hot air.


The fitting of the helmet is spot on in our test of the VX-R70. The size Large helmet fit snug but not too tight, which is the way you want your helmet to fit. The most interesting thing about the helmet is the air-fit bladder system. If you ever owned a pair of Reebok “Pump” shoes, you will be quite familiar with this adjustment system. Located at the bottom of the chin bar, a red button activates the pump to ‘fine-tune’ the helmet’s fit. There is a small metal button that releases the air pressure alongside as well.  This is used to fine tune the fit to the rider, and not a replacement to an ill-fitting helmet.


The finish of this helmet is top-quality in every sense.  You can tell the designers at Scorpion thought outside the box when designing the VX-R70.  The crisp modern lines makes this one of the sleekest helmets out there on the track and works with all neck braces on the market.  The VX-R70’s  innovative features include a softer, more pliable visor that is shatter resistant (We tried to break it and it doesn’t!), a removable mud guard at the nose of the helmet, titanium D-rings, and graphics that make this helmet look custom painted! With DOT/ECE rating, you know this helmet will keep you protected when you need it.

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