Fly Racing Ripa Convert MTB Jersey | Product Spotlight

April 16th, 2014

A MTB Jersey designed for the Needs of Cyclist on the Trail



Looking for a MTB specific jersey to wear on your more aggressive rides? The 2014 Fly Ripa Convert jersey has been designed to give MTB riders the protection of a jersey with airflow mesh panels so you don’t overheat on the trails. A performance tailored fit for the needs of cyclist means you don’t have excess material to get in the way.


Fly Racing Ripa Convert Jersey

Fly Racing Ripa Convert Jersey | Price: $40.45


A new and innovative feature on the Ripa Convert jersey is the ability to tailor the jersey sleeves to your preference, run a full length sleeved jersey or trim the forearm vented section off to run a 3/4 length sleeve. The back of the jersey has the same vented mesh material found on the forearms for maximum breathability.

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Andrew Short Rides Strong to 8th in Seattle SX | Race Report

April 16th, 2014

Seattle, WA (Apr.13) - The BTO Sports-KTM-WPS race team headed to the Pacific Northwest in Seattle, WA for round 15 of the 2014 Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship Series inside Century Link Field. Excited to re-visit the sight of his 450SX main event win in 2012, Andrew Short was on the gas for Saturday night’s race.


Andrew Short felt confident on the soft Seattle track, posting the 7th fastest time of the day during qualifying. Utilizing the traction of his Pirelli Scorpion MX tires, he would make the main through a strong ride in his Semi, where he would finish a solid 2nd.  In the main event, Short would blast out of the gate, thanks to his FMF Racing 4.1 exhaust system and battle all race inside the top ten. He would battle fierce on the deteriorating track and at the checkered flag hold on to finish in 8th place. Heading in to round 16 in East Rutherford, NJ, Short continues to hold on to 7th place in points.


“Nights like tonight are really fun for racing and that’s what I live for”, Andrew Short said of his race. “I’m looking forward to these next two races to try to finish off the season strong.”



For more information on the BTO Sports-KTM-WPS race team, visit




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Michelin Starcross MS3/MH3 Tire Combos | Product Spotlight

April 7th, 2014

Michelin Starcross Tire Combos at BTO Sports

Michelin is known as one of the top tire companies in the sport of motocross today. Their Starcross line of tires are the tire choice of champion motocross riders around the world today. Their most popular modes, the MS3 and MH3 are now available at BTO Sports in combo packs so you can save money and get to the track faster! Coming in Front/Rear and Rear/Rear tire combos the Michelin Starcross MS3/MH3 tires are the right choice for any terrain.


Michelin Starcross MS3 Soft/Intermediate Tire:

Michelin MS3 125R/250F Front/Rear Tire Combo | BTO Sports

Michelin MS3 125R/250F Front/Rear Tire Combo. Also available for 250R/450F models


Designed for soft to intermediate terrains, the MS3 does it’s best work where there is plenty of dirt to dig in to. The MS3′s superb straight line acceleration is due to the tires stiff sidewall allowing lower air pressures to be used. If you ride more loamy type of terrain the MS3 is your tire of Choice. Front/Rear Tire combo and Rear/Rear Tire Combo available for 125/250F and 250/450F motocross bikes. To order your Michelin Tire Combo, CLICK HERE


Michelin Starcross MH3 Intermediate Tire:

Michelin Starcross MH3 250R/450F Front/Rear Tire Combo | BTO Sports

Michelin Starcross MH3 250R/450F Front/Rear Tire Combo. Also available for 250R/450F Models


Designed for Intermediate to hard terrains, the MH3 helped win 6 MX2 World Championships. The MH3 sheds mud with ease and is long lasting with good grip, thanks to the massive knobs that resist chunking. The side knobs help the MH3 provide excellent grip at extreme lean angles so that you have total control in the corners.  Front/Rear Tire combo and Rear/Rear Tire Combo available for 125/250F and 250/450F motocross bikes. To order your Michelin Tire Combo, CLICK HERE


Be sure to visit and order your Michelin Starcross tire combos before your next ride today!




Streamline Reflex Levers Pro Set | Product Spotlight

April 4th, 2014

Streamline Reflex Pro Set Levers

Testing the Reflex levers from Streamline.


If you have you ever crashed and broken off your clutch lever and/or perch, you know how much of a buzzkill this is to your day of riding. One of the best upgrades you can do to your bike is add a set of levers that rotate out of the way when you crash. Stock levers are just that, stock and are not designed to withstand a huge crash.
Enter Streamline Industries. They understand that broken levers will ruin a good day of riding and have come up with a lever that is not only durable and good looking but also rotates out of the way so it does not break in the event of a crash. Taking their years of experience in the motorcycle industry, they have introduced their latest product, the Reflex Levers.



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Klim Mojave Gear/Dakar Pro Jersey | Product Test

March 27th, 2014

We put the Klim Mojave gear and Dakar Pro Jersey to the Test



When you think of quality, off-road gear, Klim is always the name that comes up first. They have the reputation of making some of the most durable and versatile off-road/adventure gear on the market today.As the weather starts to heat up, vented gear that will keep a rider cool while still holding up to the rigors of off-road riding is what a lot of motorcyclist are looking for.Enter the Klim Mojave gear and for extreme protection, Dakar Pro Jersey. A jersey that’s a hybrid between a jacket and a heavy duty jersey, the Dakar Pro is designed to resist impact of branches and bushes on overgrown trails.


Klim Mojave Jersey | Price: $54.99


The Klim Mojave jersey is designed for warm to hot weather riding, where ventilation and comfort is paramount. It is also designed to provide the rider with protection from branches bushes or anything else a rider will brush up against while riding.  With durable mesh panels built in to the arms and a low profile non-restrictive open cuff design, the Mojave jersey screams “put me on” when the weather gets hot. If you are looking for a bit more protection, the Dakar Pro Jersey incorporates a honeycomb Cordura panels to offer even more protection from the elements.



The Mojave pant is designed to complement the jersey. With its abundance of mesh panels and adjustability built in to the pant, this is a good, all around do-it-all riding pant . Offered in two version to meet the needs of riders, an in-the-boot pant and over-the-boot pant .Two main deep pockets on the thigh will hold whatever you want to take on the trail and this is a great feature that most competitors seem to overlook on their offerings. The large vented areas allow for good airflow while riding, bringing in cold air and expelling the hot air away from the rider. Sizing on the Mojave Pant is spot on and if you do need to adjust sizing, there are two Velcro adjustments on the side to cinch the pant down.  The use of Cordura material means that the Mojave Pant is a lightweight, durable off-road pant.


Klim Mojave Glove | Price: $34.99


The Mojave gloves are the type of gloves you want on a long trail ride. With a good amount of padding on the knuckles to protect your hands from flying debris, the Mojave gloves feel good and have amble amount of feedback for the rider. The gloves feel very comfortable and do provide riders with more protection than the typical minimalist style motocross glove, especially around the top of the hand.


On the Trail:

We had a chance to do real world testing of the Klim gear, so we headed out to Gorman SVRA in the hills above Los Angeles. The desert style climate and riding area lent itself perfect for a day of testing the Klim Mojave gear and Dakar Pro jersey.


On the trail the Mojave gear set felt comfortable. There was never an issue of being restricted on the bike, in fact it seemed the opposite. The abundance of ventilation and moisture wicking material built in to the Mojave gear meant I never once overheated on the trail. With the temperature reaching close to 80 degrees, I was almost cold at times with the massive amount of air flow.  This is true hot weather riding gear!


The Mojave in-the-boot pant from Klim has stretch panels at the knees to accommodate knee braces/knee guards quite well. The pant never snagged on my CTI knee braces, which I have had issues with in other pants.  The zippered thigh cargo pockets came in handy on the trail, as I put my map and other little things I wanted easy access to on my ride. The huge mesh panels do a great job of allowing air to flow through the heat zones. On hot, summer days, this is a welcome feeling and almost feels like air conditioning! The over-the-boot model has all the same features as the in-the-boot model.


Klim Dakar Pro Jersey | Price: $139.99


The Dakar Pro jersey from Klim is for riders looking for a jersey with a more protection than the usual jersey while still maintaining breath-ability. With it’s Cordura panels and honeycomb padding, the Dakar Pro jersey is a hybrid of a jersey and an off-road jacket, giving you the best of both worlds. Protecting the rider from branches and anything else that can stick a rider on the trails, it is bombproof!




Klim is for riders looking for no-nonsense type do-it-all off-road riding gear. As the weather starts to climb in to the upper portion of the thermometer, having a good set of vented gear that will hold up to the abuse of the trail is a necessity. If you are in the market for hot weather technical riding gear that offers the ultimate in ventilation, durability and protection, the Klim Mojave off-road gear and Dakar Pro jersey are well worth the investment.


The Klim Mojave off-road gear and Dakar Pro Jersey are available at To order your gear today for your next ride, CLICK HERE.