Renthal Sprockets and Handlebars | Product Spotlight

May 11th, 2015

Renthal sprockets and handlebars are chosen by more championship winning teams for one reason, they work!  New colors in both their sprocket line and handlebar line makes it even easier to customize your race bike to the look you want.

Renthal Sprockets:

If you are looking for the best of both a lightweight sprocket that will last, the Renthal Twinring sprocket combines a specially enhanced, 7075 T-6 aluminum-alloy center hub with a long-wearing, high-strength, nickel-coated, steel outer ring. This is a serious sprocket designed to give you maximum life without breaking the bank.

Renthal Green Twinring Rear Sprocket (KAW)


Renthal has released green in the Twin-ring and Ultralight rear sprocket lines. When Factory Kawasaki wanted green sprockets for their race bikes, Renthal obliged. The result is a win-win for consumers looking to get that factory fresh look!  Aside from the new Green sprockets, Renthal offers additional colors that are model specific for anyone that wants to trick their bike out like the pros!

Renthal Twinring Orange for KTM

Renthal hasn’t left the KTM owners out and has released an Orange sprocket in the Twinring version.

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Renthal Handlebars:


Renthal TwinWall Green Handlebars









Renthal Handlebars are used throughout the racing world on more race winning teams than any other handlebar on the market.  Now offering Green anodized handlebars in their 7/8″ bars Fat bars, it is even easier to get that factory look!

To See the full line of Renthal Handlebars, CLICK HERE

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Bell Moto-9 Flex Helmet | Product Spotlight

May 8th, 2015

Bell Helmets has always been known as one of the top innovators of Motocross helmets in the industry today and for 2015 pushes the envelope yet again for safety and performance. At the top of their mx helmet line, Bell introduces the Moto-9 Flex. A revolution to helmet technology, Bell sought to achieve a more personalized, adaptive fit, regardless of head shape in the Moto-9 Flex helmets. They have taken their test information to create a liner that reduces linear and rotational energy to a rider’s head in low, mid and high speed impacts.



The complete line of Moto-9 Flex helmets.


With three layers, each doing their own job to protect you in the event of an impact, the Bell Moto-9 Flex is the most advanced helmet on the market. The first layer, the EPO (Expanded Polyoefin) is designed for low-speed impacts. The second layer, EPP (Expanded Polyproylene) is designed for mid-speed impacts while the third and final layer, EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is designed to protect from high-speed impacts. With the three levels of protection keeping you safe, the Moto-9 Flex is the only helmet to put on your head.

A first-of-its kind, three-layer impact liner designed to manage energy from three potential impact scenarios: low, mid and high-speed.

Segmented construction, automatically conforming to a rider’s head for a better fit and more predictable energy management.

A “slip zone” within the impact liner allows for subtle movement between the inner layers and works to reduce rotational energy transfer from angular impacts.

With the new segmented and flexible liner in the Moto-9 Flex, we were able to add to the proven Velocity Flow Ventilation system to make an even cooler helmet.

The Bell Moto-9 Flex is used by top professionals such as the 2015 250SX West Champion Cooper Webb.

Bell Moto-9 Flex helmets are now available at BTO Sports.
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A Sneak Peek Inside a Team BTO Sports Mechanic’s Toolbox

April 28th, 2015


motocross tools infographic

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Nate Alexander knows MX bikes inside and out. Nate is the lead mechanic for Team BTO Sports rider Andrew Short, so he needs a full assortment of tools to tackle any task. But which ones are absolutely essential? Here are Nate’s top 10 go-to, gotta-have, don’t-leave-the-garage-without-‘em tools:

Flush cut pliers: this tool makes quick work for wire cutting and some minor MX body modifications.

Spring puller: when Nate needs to remove or tweak a pipe spring, this does the trick every time.

Extended 12mm wrench: Andrew’s KTM bike has some hard-to-access bolts, but the extended 12mm reaches pretty much anywhere.

Wide flathead screwdriver: from routine jobs to complex projects, every mechanic needs this classic do-it-all accessory.

Nut driver: just try to fix a KTM bike (or any other dirtbike, for that matter) without a nut driver. Best of luck with those hand cramps, pal. Nut drivers are very convenient when working on a dirtbike.

Exacto knife: from decal touch-ups to other odds and ends, you gotta have an Exacto in your toolbox.

Chain breaker: Motocross tracks are rough on chains. Riders like Andrew Short go through plenty over the course of a racing season. Nate keeps a chain breaker on deck for when Andrew needs a new chain cut to length.

Metric ruler: KTM is a European bike, so it helps to keep a metric ruler in your back pocket.

Shallow sockets: deep wells are great for spark plugs and the like, but shallow sockets provide go-anywhere versatility, thanks to a slender, low-profile design.

Techangle torque wrench: Nate prefers this popular tool from Snap-On. MX bikes require precise torque, and Techangle delivers with an easy-to-read LCD screen, LED lights and an audible beep when correct torque is achieved.

Which motocross tools and accessories can you not live without? Share your own must haves in the comments!

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RXR Protection Gear | Product Spotlight

April 28th, 2015

 RXR Protection Gear


Protect What Is Important!


Protection gear is not something you should skimp out on when you’re on the track. Your body is your temple, and you don’t want that temple in shambles before its time. RXR Protection has been a presence in the motocross world for a long time now and their experience is bar none, some of the best. RXR Protection Gear is some of the best on the market and it’s easy to understand why. Laden with both safety and comfort features, The RXR Strongflex Chest Protector is the best protector out there.




The RXR Strongflex Chest Protector features Air Shock Absorber technology . This internationally patented technology makes The RXR Strongflex Chest Protector the best chest protector you can buy.  The Air Shock Absorber works by using actual air to cushion your chest in order to protect any impact to your vital organs or possible injury to your chest region. Not only that, but an easy pressure system is used for automatic pressure adjustments for your comfort and safety levels. The included pump assists in customization of the pressure system used for the RXR Strongflex Chest Protector. Working in concert with the flexible silicone outer shell and black thermoformed foam interior, The Air Shock Absorber technology works to its highest potential in providing performance and safety in one clean product.

To order the RXR Strongflex Chest Protector, CLICK HERE


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Neken SFS Triple Clamps | Product Spotlight

April 23rd, 2015

Product Spotlight Neken SFS Triple Clamps


Criminally Smooth!


Triple Clamps are among the most important parts of your ride, and Neken SFS Triple Clamps are the most important Triple Clamp out there. Neken has tirelessly researched and developed one of the most technically impressive Triple Clamps to hit the market.

“Smooth Feeling System”. That is the acronym for Neken’s new triple clamp offering. The Neken SFS Triple Clamp is perhaps the most incredible top and bottom triple clamps out there. Although a more technical sounding name would fit such a technologically advanced triple clamp, “SFS” describes the triple clamps just as well. Neken’s SFS Triple Clamps include a variety of technologically advanced specifications that set it apart from the rest. The use of an advanced shock absorbing capacity created by a valved air/oil system is the first of its kind and work in symphony with your bike to create a comfortable, performance-driven ride.




CNC machined from aerospace quality tridium alloy, these Clamps were developed with quality in mind. Neken worked in collaboration with the top US MX/SX and MXGP teams out there. Preparation and research has paid off. There is no question why elite rider Ryan Dungey has had these clamps on his rig since the start of the 2014 Supercross Season. The results speak for themselves. Not only can these Triple Clamps perform in the present day, they also save your arms in the long-run by combating the effects of arm pump. You’ll be riding better and longer with the employment of these Triple Clamps.

To order the Neken SFS Triple Clamps, CLICK HERE

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