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Eli Tomac – Mind and Motor | Video

Tomac Ready for Anaheim 1   Check out the first video of Eli Tomac on his Factory Kawasaki race bike.  He is busy preparing for the 2016 Supercross season opener at Anaheim on Jan.9th, 2016.  From the video, it looks like Eli Tomac is ready to take on the field and go after the Supercross…
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By ChrisW on November 28, 2015


2016 Team Honda Motocross Intro | Video

Team Honda is Ready for 2016 With the 2016 racing season right around the corner, teams are busy getting things dialed in for Anaheim 1.  Team Honda introduced their 2016 race team of Trey Canard and Cole Seely. With a heavy hitting team line-up as Canard and Seely, Honda  will be one of the teams…
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By ChrisW on November 25, 2015


Sweet Sounds of 2 Strokes with FMF Exhausts

Sweet Sounds of Braaap! We here at BTO Sports enjoy the super sweet sounds of a tuned 2 stroke motocross bike.  FMF Racing is one of the best in the world in creating 2 stroke exhaust pipes that make spectacular noises!  This video showcases the sweet sound that an FMF exhaust pipe can bring to…
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By ChrisW on November 24, 2015


James Stewart Injury Update

In case you didn’t know, James Stewart was at the Paris/Lillie Supercross and didn’t have the night he wantedl. Check out the latest information from JS7 himself: From RacerX>> It appears we will have to wait a few more days on an official diagnosis on James Stewart’s injury sustained last weekend at the Bercy-Lille Supercross…
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By ChrisW on November 19, 2015


Scott Motocross Goggles | Product Spotlight

Vision for the Future   When it comes to motocross goggles, Scott goggles are known as the innovators of the  goggle world.  With 45 years of goggle innovation, Scott has changed the way athletes perform. Vision is paramount on a motocross track, and Scott goggles builds upon its heritage to deliver high-quality goggles for racers…
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By ChrisW on November 11, 2015


Dragon NFX 2 Goggles | Product Spotlight

An Evolution in Goggle Design   Taking the advances to another level,  the Dragon NFX 2 has made the already popular NFX series the best motocross goggle on the market . A few years ago, Dragon set the goggle world upside down with their game changing NFX and NFXs frameless motocross goggles.  Upping their competitors…
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By ChrisW on November 11, 2015


Pro Taper Micro Bars | Product Spotlight

Handlebars for the Mini Riders If you were a mini rider, the only option for motocross handlebars were bars designed for adult hands.  This made gripping the bike for little rippers a handful. Pro Taper, known for their revolutionary oversized 1 1/8″ handlebars, set out to provide a solution to the problem and has come up with…
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By ChrisW on October 19, 2015


EVS Axis Pro Knee Brace | Product Test

If you have ever had knee issues while riding or even tore up your knees, a good quality knee brace is paramount.  EVS is known for high end safety equipment and they are one of the top companies in the knee brace market. EVS knows what motocross riders are looking for  and their Axis Pro…
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By ChrisW on October 19, 2015