BMX Gold for Daniel Sandoval @ X Games Austin 2015

As we all know, Daniel Sandoval and BMX go hand in hand. But in case you needed yet another reminder, here’s Sandoval ripping it up in the BMX Park competition this month at X Games Austin. Simply flawless out there.   Here’s how BMX is done, kiddos:   Published on Jun 5, 2015 Daniel Sandoval…
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By ChrisL on June 24, 2015


Croatian MTB with Kellys Bicycles

Whether it’s some MTB on the lush terrain of Croatia’s countryside, or some tremendous Urban DH thru Croatia’s historical cityscapes, this video is sure to make your Monday grind a little better!   Happy MTB Monday, Folks… Check it out:     Published on May 27, 2015 Kellys Bicycles in Croatia with our riders Lukáš…
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By ChrisL on June 22, 2015

Disaster for Gwin on track today with one of the only flats of the day, but that wasn't stopping him, Gwin presses on despite the puncture. Ripping the tyre off the rim he still attempts to ride it flat out. Coming over the final fade and the last jump on the rim he sure did show passion in his riding. Despite his effort to gain some ranks, he ended up in last place.  

MTB Insanity! No Tire? No Problem…

Here is a look-back to last year’s UCI Downhill battles at Leogang. Aaron Gwin did not win, but his run is clearly the most memorable of the event, as he blew a tire and “rimmed” his way down the MTB treachery to actually finish. Incredible. Published on Jun 19, 2014 As Specialized Racing heads into…
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By ChrisL on June 15, 2015


BMX Sesh at the Silverdome with Tyler Fernengel

The Silverdome, once one of the famed sports domes in America, is now a shadow of it’s former self.  Long gone are the Detroit Lions scoring a touchdown or Supercross racing up through the stands.  The stadium sits silent, with it’s white dome no longer covering the inside. Up-and-coming professional BMX rider and Michigan native Tyler…
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By ChrisW on June 9, 2015


Downhill MTB Sessions in Colombia

Experience the unbelievable MTB terrain of Colombia in this episode of “Through My Eyes” (feat. Aaron Chase). This one is certainly worth your time, the riding is awesome- and there’s a crash there in the middle that will remind you instantly of the rigors and dangers of MTB.   Enjoy!     Published on May 27, 2015 – Join…
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By ChrisL on June 3, 2015


Underground MTB Slopestyle Session in Mega Cavern

We’ve all heard of ‘underground MTB videos’, but THIS is ridiculous! Enjoy this rad video of a full MTB shred display from deep inside the Earth’s core – ha. And if it’s pro riding you demand, you’ll be happy to know that this vid features Aaron Chase, Adam Hauck and Reed Boggs.   Check it:…
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By ChrisL on May 27, 2015


TBT Video: The All-Around BMX Rider, Sebastian Keep

BMX kingpin Sebastian Keep has been doing it for a long time, let’s go way back and follow his legendary BMX career! Bas has some incredible skills, and if you can appreciate great BMX riding- clicking below is well worth your time.   Enjoy:       Published on Oct 25, 2013 – Pedal over to…
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By ChrisL on May 21, 2015


2015 Crankworx World Tour – MTB Slopestyle

    Published on Feb 19, 2015 – ANNOUNCING the Crankworx World Tour, the Triple Crown of MTB Slopestyle and the King and Queen of the Crankworx World Tour. –   And here’s a look at the first leg of Crankworx 2015 – in Rotorua!           Published on Mar 29, 2015…
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By ChrisL on May 18, 2015