Top Bicycle Fails | Garage Theater

Chances are if you have spent more than a couple years mountain biking, then you have had some award worthy crashes. Maybe some have sent you to the ER!  Broken bones, stitches, road rash, contusions and concussions are all a part of the territory. There is a always a price to pay for the thrill…
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By BTO News on May 25, 2016


Justin Brayton and Jimmy Johnson | MTB Crossover

Mountain Bike Crossover Training When you are a professional racer, be it in motocross or Nascar, training during the week gives you the edge up on the competition. Team BTO Sports rider Justin Brayton uses mountain bike riding as a form of training to keep him in top shape for motocross.  Nascar champ Jimmy Johnson…
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By BTO News on May 25, 2016


Dave Mirra Had CTE Brain Disease

Dave Mirra Suffered from CTE Prior To Death The shock over the passing of  BMX legend Dave Mirra has still not subsided, but medical analysis of Mirra’s brain appears to be shediing light on his troubled life after BMX, and his untimely death. Back in February, it seemed as though Dave Mirra had died of…
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By ChrisL on May 25, 2016


Must Be Monday | MTB Edition

MTB Failure IS an Option… Welcome to another work week everyone, and welcome to another “Must Be Monday” crash spectacular. And this one is a doozy- MTB style! Nothing will make you feel better about your day at the desk like knowing you could be on one of these crash reels and praying for demise!…
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By ChrisL on May 23, 2016

Scott MTB Pro Shoe Product Spotlight  

Scott MTB Pro Shoe | Product Spotlight

More Power w/ Every Pedal w/ MTB Pro Shoe For riders looking to step up their riding, moving platform pedals to clipped-in is the next progression in their riding. Not only will this aid in stability, but will allow a better transfer of power with every pedal stroke. Scott Cycling has been around for quite…
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By BTO News on May 19, 2016


BMX | Glasgow to Genoa

BMX Prime-Timers Invade Scotland! Some of the premier BMX riders of today flew over to Scotland and put on an absolute show. Lucky for us, the cameras were rolling while the BMX chicanery was on full display. These guys go OFF! If you need a Tuesday BMX video fix, you could do alot worse than…
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By ChrisL on May 17, 2016


MTB World Cup ’16 | Cairns

Serious MTB Down Under. The UCI World Cup 2016 rages on- and their customary stop in Cairns, Australia once again proved to be an epic setting for world class MTB riding.  With another event in the books, let’s look back on all the mountain bike riding going on in Cairns, and get this week started…
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By ChrisL on May 16, 2016


iXS Trail RS Helmet

Trail Helmet the Mountains Mountain bike helmets are smart. They protect you in the event of a crash. iXS has been around the mountain bike scene for a long time and have come up with a new XC helmet that is sure to win over many riders on the trail. The Trail RS helmet was…
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By BTO News on May 11, 2016


Danny MacAskill | Aviemore Spring

Danny MacAskill is at it again. Yes sir, when the lord of freestyle BMX puts out a video, you pretty much have no choice but to stop right there in your tracks and give it a play. Such is definitely the case here with Danny MacAskill and his latest release, Aviemore Spring. Once again, Danny…
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By ChrisL on May 11, 2016


Freeride Friday | The Alps

Nothin’ But Love on a Freeride Friday… Here you go, lovers of the Freeride. One of the best taking on  the most legendary mountain range on the planet- The Alps. Ramon Hunziker has a freeride reputation that clearly precedes him, and he showcases a boatload of MTB talent in the sick video edit “Charging The…
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By ChrisL on May 6, 2016