Field Trippin’ | Freestyle BMX Daydream

Freestyle BMX at it’s Finest It’s a Freestyle Friday! First off, what better way to start the day than to fire up a sweet Freestyle BMX video edit? We didn’t think so, either. So here’s the latres one from studs Martin Söderström and Dawid Godziek. These cats know what they’re doing on two wheels, and their seemingly…
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By ChrisL on August 26, 2016

USA Wins 2016 Olympic Gold in BMX  

United States takes the Gold in BMX at Rio

Americans win gold in in Olympic BMX in  Rio One of the most intense sports during this year’s Olympics in Rio has been the BMX races. With a track that’s straight out of Nitro Circus, the best in the world converged in Brazil to do battled in the 2016 Olympics. When it was all said…
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By ChrisW on August 22, 2016


Rémy Metailler Carves Hafjell Bikepark

Rémy Metailler Shows MTB Greatness @ Hafjell Bikepark When you’re talking about the all-time greats of MTB, you won’t move too far down the list until you see the name Rémy Metailler. To start, his video edits from Whistler mountain are the stuff of legend. To be sure, those alone would put him on the list….
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By ChrisL on August 22, 2016


The Women of BMX

Bow Down to the Women of BMX. Great reading here, as we have a comprehensive look at women and the role they play in the world of BMX. Every bit as ground-breaking, daring and death-defying as their male counterparts, the women talked about below have truly earned their stripes in bicycle motocross. So take a…
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By ChrisL on August 17, 2016


BMX Shred | Salt Desert Style

High Altitude BMX Shredding in a Salt Desert It’s highly likely that you have never seen a BMX landscape like the one you are about to see in the video below! Deep in the picturesque deserts of Bolivia, Daniel Dhers strapped on his trusty bicycle motocross helmet and showcased his skills on wheels. First, just take in…
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By ChrisL on August 15, 2016


MTB Driftin’ & Roostin’ w/ Kyle Jameson

Kyle Jameson Shows His MTB Skills in Chasing Trail – Ep. 5. “California Dreaming” Anyone that has been paying attention over the last ten years knows that Kyle Jameson can do serious work on two wheels. MTB genius at its finest! First off, let us look back at his remarkable career with this great MTB video…
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By ChrisL on August 11, 2016

Fly Racing Werx Helmet Spotlight  

Fly Racing Werx Carbon Helmet | Product Spotlight

Fly Racing Werx Carbon helmet has been unveiled and it is stirring up the pot! has been making a push in the Mountain bike world the last few years with bicycle specific gear that is bred from their award winning motocross gear.  Utilizing their years of experience in producing motocross gear, Fly Racing has brought…
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By ChrisW on August 9, 2016


MTB Paradise | Dream Slalom

Building and Ripping the Dream Slalom MTB Course A dream idea became the perfect mountain bike course — see how Bas van Steenbergen made the MTB fantasy track happen. Mountain Biking on a Dream Slalom Course in Vernon, BC Dream Slalom is the ultimate mountain bike rider’s course — a twisting, jumping, hipping and ripping…
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By ChrisL on August 2, 2016

Courage Adams, Jaime Gonzales, and Sam Jones BMX lifeestyle photo during the 3 Day Metro Pass trip to Madrid, Spain April 20-23, 2016.  

BMX Adventure Thru Madrid

Take a BMX adventure through the streets of the Spanish capital with bike photographer Andrew White. Three Day Metro Pass brings some of the best BMX professionals together to search, find and ride street spots in cities across the world, with public transport their only way of getting around. This episode heads to Madrid,…
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By ChrisL on July 28, 2016

Deity TMAC Platform Pedals  

Deity TMAC Platform Pedals | Product Spotlight

Deity TMAC; A New Level of Platform Pedals When you get DH mountain bike ace Tyler McCaul involved in the development of hard wear, you will always end up with a bulletproof end product. Being the perfectionist that TM is, you know it will be quality and a product that he will stand behind. So when…
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By ChrisW on July 12, 2016