The Evolution of Freeride MTB | Red Bull Rampage

Hard to believe we’ve had over a decade of Red Bull Rampage ! What started as a small click of crazy MTB riders in the desert has turned into a televised MTB phenomenon! The video below talks about the evolution of the event and its participants individual stories. Some unbelievable highlights from this last years…
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By ChrisL on November 17, 2015


BMX Friday | Kaleidoscope: See Things Differently

Put simply- this may be the coolest looking BMX film you ever watch. Kriss Kyle is a true BMX innovator- and he puts his mad skills on full display here. It’s the weekend- treat yourself- click below and get inspired by what’s possible… BMX Style. TGIF Everyone! Published on Nov 11, 2015 » CLICK to…
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By ChrisL on November 13, 2015

Paul Thölen performs during Red Bull Riverbed Trails in Ljubljana, Slovenia on August 29th, 2015  

Ripping in a Dried Riverbed | BMX Riverbed Trails

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Let’s keep this work week moving right along with some quality BMX shredding- this time from an dried-up riverbed in the countryside of Slovenia. BMX prime-timers Paul Thoelen and Daniel Wedemeijer were up to the task in this BMX edit, so enjoy their special brand of high-flying trickery.   Ripping in a Dried…
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By ChrisL on November 10, 2015


Nitro Circus BMX: A Whole Different Level

The top-end BMX guys will continually impress with their skills on a bike, but these Nitro Circus fellas are on a whole different level… Here’s R-Willy, and his latest/greatest BMX trick. And yes- it’s a doozy. The Go-Pro footage is particularly special!   The mind-blowing two-wheeled trickery that comes out of Nitro Circus just keeps…
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By ChrisL on November 3, 2015


Enduro Thursday: On Track With Curtis Keene

When you’re talking about things that ‘never get old’, you have to include chocolate, Iron Maiden, and Enduro Videos! Here’s a look at Curtis Keene and his journey in 2015 Enduro. Enjoy the insane footage- the weekend is almost here…   Published on Oct 27, 2015 » CLICK for last weeks episode: A rider…
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By ChrisL on October 29, 2015


Revel in the Chaos | Utah MTB Night Segment

Always time for a great MTB video, right? Throw in Brandon Semenuk and shoot the thing at night? Well there you have MTB video GOLD! Check out ‘Revel in the Chaos’ below, and watch a master at work… ​A 2-man collaboration, Revel in the Chaos is a short movie masterpiece featuring one of the absolute…
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By ChrisL on October 26, 2015

Mammoth Lakes, CA - August 21, 2014 - World of X Games: The Mammoth Flip with Cam Zink presented by Monster Energy. .(Photo by Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)  

BMX Double Backflips & Foam Pits / Enough Said!

Here’s a highly entertaining vid of the Red Bull BMX Performance Camp. The Red Bull BMX athletes push themselves off the bike to prepare them for the craziness that will transpire in the BMX events throughout the year. Very cool to see how their trampoline training translates to insane maneuvers on the bike. Enjoy.  …
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By ChrisL on October 22, 2015


Freeride MTB Friday: Darren Berrecloth “Farewell”

Freeride MTB legend Darren Berrecloth is apparently riding hard into the proverbial sunset, and you can trust that this is newsworthy! In a very classy move, Specialized Bicycles has made a fitting video tribute of gratitude to the man for all his year of shredding mountains and thrilling us all. Godspeed, Mr. Berrecloth… Nobody rocks…
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By ChrisL on October 16, 2015


BMX Island Hopping in Greece

Here ya go, Folks: A little pick-me-up for your work day. A tour of beautiful Greece, BMX style. The perfect 2-minute getaway for us 9 to 5’ers.  Greek rider Panagiotis Manaras is no slouch on the bike, and the scenic factor of this video is off the charts- so enjoy. Happy Tuesday! Published on Jul…
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By ChrisL on October 13, 2015