No Gravity BMX: Freestyle Air Show

Who doesn’t love an Air Show? That’s right- everyone does, and we have a great one here from the fine folks at Freestyl’Air. Enjoy the high-flying, gravity-defying BMX antics. It’s a wonderful display indeed.   Bikes flying in all directions at the extreme sports exhibition from Freestyl’Air!   Credit: Freestyl’Air

By ChrisL on August 26, 2015


Skygate Mountain Provides Daunting Staircase MTB

999 problems, but the stairs ain’t one! The mother of all staircases has been taken DOWN! Great video here of Andrew Taylor and other MTB masters as they shred down Skygate Mountain. Facepalnts abound!!!   Fun & different, this one is worth the click for sure.     Follow Andrew Taylor as he journeys half…
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By ChrisL on August 21, 2015


Crankworx Whistler 2015: Whip Off World Champs

Crankworx Whistler 2015 was OFF THE CHAIN!! And naturally, you knew they had their annual Whip Off competition. The best of the best were gettin’ sideways this past weekend in Whistler- we have the insane footage!     Sit down, hold on! Horizontal hucking from Crabapple hits during Crankworx at Whistler. Andreu Lacondeguy took the…
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By ChrisL on August 17, 2015


Aaron Gwin Puts On MTB Clinic in Windham

When you’re talking about Aaron Gwin and MTB, the superlatives usually start to flow. This past weekend would be no exception, as Gwin put his complete MTB arsenal on full display. This man is an absolute treat to watch motor down a hill…     It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but…
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By ChrisL on August 14, 2015


2015 FEST Series – “LooseFest” Highlight Video

Here is the highlight video from LooseFEST. Nico Vink and the whole crew of riders pushed the limits of Freeriding, sending it over 80-foot plus gaps. There was huge crashes, people doubting whether it was possible or not, fear and lots of stoked for everyone when things worked out. What’s next? Nico is not planning…
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By ChrisL on August 10, 2015



Alex Hiam rips it up in his all-new FOX BMX 2015 video edit! Anyone who follows BMX knows that Matt is one of the most creative riders out there, and this vid really demonstrates that point! Back from injury and a full-go, he tears thru this BMX park like a hot knife thru butter- just…
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By ChrisL on August 8, 2015


“unReal” : Brandon Semenuk’s “One-Shot” Segment

Brandon Semenuk’s “One-Shot” Segment, “unReal” takes the MTB video edit to a whole different level. Here’s a look at both the “making of” video, as well as the finished product. An unbelievable MTB feat…   First, Enjoy this “Making Of” segment, to give you an idea of just how big this job was to pull off!  …
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By ChrisL on August 6, 2015


Monday MTB: Slopestyle, in Breathtaking Slo-Mo!

Happy MTB Monday, all! Crankworx Les Deux Alpes 2015 got cookin’ over the weekend, and the MTB action rolled, as did the cameras! Just a great event- if you love this stuff like we do… just push play. Check it out!     Published on Aug 1, 2015 Watch the FULL Les 2 Alpes highlight on Red…
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By ChrisL on August 3, 2015