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Video Vault: Snowmobile Jumping!


For your perusal and enjoyment, we submit this video collage of snomobile action! Snowmobile jumping is an art form for lunatics, and these guys certainly fit the bill. Sit back, relax and enjoy these vids for a few moments as snowmobiles defy gravity and wildly entertain. Happy Thursday, everyone!



We start off with Jussi Seljas , who is crazy enough to take his snowmobile off a ski-jumping hill- Check THIS out:





And here’s one with the rocket-boost-assisted snowmobile back flip- This guy is nuts…





Daniel Bodin snowmobile jumping over 220 ft. in Sweden- yeah, we got it… GoPro even…





Grand Finale? Here ya go- the 2013 X Games “Best Trick” competition- The best of the best in snowmobile jumping.



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