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World’s Fastest Snowmobile: 211.5 MPH. Yikes…


Snowmobile???  Not sure if this is the correct term for this absolute beast.  But G-Force Division has been obsessed with breaking speed records, and this snow rocket has done just that. Now considered the World’s Fastest Snowmobile, enjoy these videos of what can only be described as ‘madness on snow’.


Here’s the first go- with the end result being a snowmobile hitting a top speed of 210.28 MPH. Yes, you read that right.




G-Force-One, the world fastest snowmobile: 210.28 MPH

SCM and ISR officials where there to certify this record.
The G-Force division and Lamtrak team efforts to built the fastest sleds.

This is an heavily modified 03 Rx1 motor and frame with a supercharger and burning alchool.
Special built camoplast track
Special built body work by Jo Extrême
special built suspension by Star Suspensions
Inventium Clutch



And here is the latest snowmobile record: 211.5. Straight cookin’…




G-Force-1, the world fastest sled, wide open on the Bonneville salt flats at the Mike Cook landspeed shootout








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