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Bar Ends

Motorcycle Bar Ends

Want to keep your grips from getting chewed up when they come in contact with the asphalt? You need to take a look at the selection of bar ends here at BTOsports.com! We have a great selection to choose from and some of which are currently on sale!

 motorcycle bar Ends

Bar Ends

BTO Sports carries a wide variety of bar ends to choose from. With top brands like BikeMaster, Driven Racing, Vortex, and ODI grips, you will be able to find the right bar ends that will fit you’re motorcycle perfectly. Bar ends may not seem like an essential motorcycle accessories, but once you spend 40$ or more a new set of grips and accidently drop your bike you will understand why they are a good idea. I ride dirt bikes, so unfortunately I do not get the luxury of using these products, but if I could good lord would I have saved a bunch of money on grips over the years.

When your street bike or motorcycle slides across the ground, odds are your bars are going to be in contact with the asphalt as well. Something as simple as a tip over without even moving can rip the ends of your fresh new grips. That is where these bar ends come into play! If you add these bad boys to the end of your handlebars the chances of your grips getting torn are highly mitigated. You can get a new pair of bar ends from top companies like ODI and increase your grips longevity.

Shop for Bar Ends

ODI is a company that has recently made it big within the motocross world with a revolutionary type of dirt bike grip. The lock grips are relatively new to this industry and provide riders with a grip that is guaranteed not to slip off. ODI Grips also produces state of the art aluminum end plugs and end caps to equip your motorcycle with. Obviously these aren’t intended for the use on a dirt bike, so street bike riders get this luxury.

The ODI Grips Aluminum end caps are currently on sale for 10% off and give your bike some extra pizazz. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, you can mix or match your bike to have minute detailing that adds style and a personal look. Looks aren’t everything though, these aluminum bar ends from ODI protect your grips and handlebars from getting damaged as they slide across the ground. Made right here in the USA, you can guarantee you’re getting a high quality motorcycle accessory.

 bar Ends

Motorcycle Bar Ends

ODI Grips isn’t the only company who makes these motorcycle accessories. Zeta, Factory Effex, and BikeMaster also produces these products so you can have the ultimate selection of bar ends. Bar end motorcycle accessories from these companies come in many different styles and colors to choose from. The Factory Effex bar ends are currently 20% off and come are available in red or silver and come with a carbon fiber finish at the end of the cap for extra style points. Made from anodized billet, they will protect your bar ends like no one’s business.

Zeta bar ends are make and model specific. Make sure you are purchasing the correct ones for your specific motorcycle; they will be specified at the end of the product name ie: Zeta – bar ends (Yamaha). These bar ends for motorcycles are made from high strength aluminum and stainless steel to provide maximum protection to your bars and grips. They also function as a weight to help mitigate the vibrations of your engine as you scream through the gears.

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