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Dual Sport/Adventure Handlebar Risers

Dual Sport Handlebar Risers

Are your handlebars sitting a little low for your stature? Looking to raise them up a bit to get a more comfortable riding position? Well you are in luck because BTO Sports has the dual sport handlebar rises you are looking for! Check them out below.

 adventure motorcycle handlebar risers

Dual Sport Handlebar Risers at BTO

BTO Sports provides people all across the world with motocross, street, and dual sport riding gear, parts, accessories and apparel. We have a great brand reputation that has helped us build up our customer base and turn us into what we are today. We strive to provide riders of all skill level, ages, and style of riding with top of the line motorcycle gear, and we achieve it! From street riders to dirt bike riders, and everything in between, we guarantee that you will be able to find the riding equipment you need to look and feel your best. If you can’t we will try our best to get you the product you are looking for.

Dual Sport handlebar risers are a product that increases feeling, control, and comfort of your motorcycle in a couple minutes. Dual sport handlebar risers can be used for taller or short riders that are looking to get the most out of their riding experience. Most of the time, the stock handlebar set up will be enough for the average rider, but since we are all different and prefer a different style of riding these dual sport handlebar risers can make all the difference.

Dual Sport Handlebar Risers

Stock Handlebar settings typically meet the ergonomics of most riders, but every rider would like a bit that is set up for their height and weight. This comes into play most often for pro riders who have the capabilities of doing this whenever they want, but it isn’t as hard as one would think. With a couple minutes of research, you can spend some money and get yourself setup with a more comfortable ride that will boost your performance and confidence.

There are many reasons to purchase handlebar risers for your new street bike or dual sport motorcycle. It isn’t just the handlebar location that you should worry about; it is the position of the controls of which you use to control your motorcycle (for instance your turn signals and headlights). If you are riding and constantly having to adjust your hand to reach for the turn signal, horn, or whatever, you are giving your bike that split second to catch a rock, and send you in a high speed wobble. Maybe you get a headshake, maybe not, but why risk all of that when you can easily adjust all of these controls to make it more suitable for your arm length? You shouldn’t, plain and simple.

Dual Sport/Adventure Handlebar Risers

Here at BTO Sports, we offer a great range of handlebar risers to choose from. You can spend 15 minutes looking up which ones will fit your bike and be perfect for your stature and be on your way to a whole new ride. The feeling, the comfort, and use of controls are all increased by making the effort to setup your bike for your body type. If you are unsure as to which dual sport handlebar rises to choose, you can contact us and we will tell you everything you need to know.

We have a great team here at BTO Sports that is highly knowledgeable about our products. We will be able to put you in contact with the right person to tell you everything you need to know about dual sport handlebar risers and which ones you should purchase. We will need a little bit of information from you first off, and then afterwards you will be on your way to riding in the upmost comfort you can.