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Dual Sport Clutch Levers

Dual Sport Motorcycle Clutch Levers

Clutch levers for dual sport motorcycles are here! Check out BTO Sports great collection of dual sport clutch levers today for the best sale prices and shipping. We have PSR and Zeta dual sport clutch levers waiting for you.

 Dual Sport Motorcycle Clutch Levers

Shop Dual Sport Clutch Levers

We are able to bring you some of the best dual sport motorcycle clutch levers and other parts and accessories so you can fully customize your bike. We have been in business since the late 90’s, 1999 to be exact, and have built up great relationships with some of the biggest names in motocross and road-racing. We are dedicated and passionate about what we do here at BTO Sports which is why you are able to receive the exact gear, part, or accessory you are looking for in a reasonable time frame.

Dual Sport Levers

Dual Sport riding is a very popular style of riding because individuals are able to get the best of both worlds. Sometimes it is nice to just cruise the city streets with you friends and check out the architecture that is hidden throughout the city. Other times you may feel the desire to hit a back mountain road that leads you to the unbeaten path and get a little dirty. Whatever you choose to do be sure you are ready to ride with a new set of clutch levers for your dual sport motorcycle.

Motorcycle levers are some of the easiest, and most common, part to replace on your motorcycle. I grew up riding dirt bikes and have had my fair share of crashes. The one part that always seemed to break was my clutch, or brake lever, and I quickly learned that I should always have one to three replacement levers on hand. All it takes is a minor tip over and SNAP! There goes one of your levers. As unfortunate and ridiculous as it sounds, it is going to happen sooner or later. Make sure you have replacement clutch levers in your tool box so your day isn’t ruined by a simple tip over. We have dual sport clutch levers from Zeta, PSR, and CRG.

 Dual Sport Clutch Levers

Dual Sport Motorcycle Clutch Levers

Zeta is under the umbrella company of Dirtfreak which sells different products under the names of Motion, DRG, and obviously Zeta. They have been up and running since ’03 and have been gaining popularity across the world ever since. They have a pro FMX rider, Taka Higashino, and many other Japanese riders around the world for MX Enduro FMX, Super Moto, Trial and Road-Racing. These Zeta Dual Sport clutch levers are made to meet the regulations of FIM and MFJ racing circuits and are fully CNC machined from aluminum for an ultra-lightweight design.

They are constructed with holes in the lever body to decrease drag and have a pre-calculated braking point in case you fall. There is also a clutch perch set for cable type clutch that is developed by top racing teams and it comes with a quick cable adjuster to easily adjust the play of your clutch. This is one of the best racing bike levers on the market, so equip you dual sport motorcycle with a top of the line dual sport clutch today.

Dual Sport Clutch Levers

PSR makes a great dual sport clutch lever as well. They produce the Click N’ Roll clutch lever that is capable of being adjusted to 6 different lever positions on the fly. They are made from high quality, short, length, billet aluminum to decrease weight and increase durability. All of these levers come with black lever adjusters, but there are optional color lever adjusters that are sold separately. Give your bike a sick new custom look with the dual sport clutch levers from PSR.

If you’re looking for a new Folding clutch lever, CRG is the way to go. These dual sport clutch levers from CRG are durable, lightweight, and designed to not break. How do companies make a clutch lever that doesn’t break? Well, they are made with the same features as a Roll N’ Click lever, but are designed to fold backwards upon impact. There is a heavy-duty ball spring detent hinge that allows it to fold back if the bike is tipped over. It is not guaranteed that these levers won’t break, but there is a high chance that you will be able to continue your ride without having to replace your clutch lever after a tip over. Do you have any questions regarding these products? If so, contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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