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Dual Sport Motorcycle Mirrors

Adventure Motorcycle Mirrors

Riders might think that all rear view mirrors look the same, but there are many different variables to consider when buying one. Rear view mirrors are a vital piece of equipment on any motorized vehicle. It allows the driver/rider to see behind them. Expanding the peripheral and field of view allows motorists to ride safely, reducing the risk of injury and damage.


Acerbis Rear View Mirror

The Acerbis Rear View Mirror is a fantastic addition to any dual sport bike. The mirror is lightweight which will add barely any weight to a dual sport bike. That’s because the base is constructed out of light weight nylon that also resists impact. The big round surface of the dual sport mirror provides the rider with a wide field of view, perfect for scanning approaching hazards. The Acerbis Rear View mirror fastens to the bike using a simple clamp system and will fit on 7/8” inch handlebars. All the mounting equipment is included with the mirror. Unfortunately, these adventure dual sport mirrors are sold individually so riders must buy both a left and a right mirror to be fully equipped for their adventure rides.


 Acerbis Rear View Mirror


Bikemaster DC Folding Bar End Mirror

These are some of the best dual sport rear view mirrors on the market. They are constructed out of billet aluminum, which means they are light weight, durable and resist corrosion. The Bikemaster DC Folding Bar End Mirror allows riders to fine tune the positioning of the mirrors for a better field of view. That’s because they are set on a patented swivel. Another benefit of thie swivel action is the mirrors can be brought inward towards the rider to reduce the total width of the bike. This is especially important on bar end mirrors, especially when pulling into a garage, an alley or other enclosed spaces. These dual sport mirrors have a few other unique features that riders won’t find on other mirrors. The Bikemaster DC Folding Bar End Mirror is sold as a pair. They also come in two different finishes. These dual sport mirrors come in black or chrome, which allows riders to choose a pair that will match the aesthetic of their bike.


 Bikemaster Candy Drop Rear View Mirror


Bikemaster candy Drop Custom Sport Bike Mirror

The beautiful design of the Bikemaster candy Drop Custom Sport Bike Mirror really stands out amongst other aftermarket dual sport mirrors. The tear drop shape gives the mirror a polished and elegant feel. It is constructed completely out of aluminum. This has many benefits adventure riders will enjoy. Aluminum is sturdy, lightweight and resists corrosion. The Bikemaster candy Drop Custom Sport Bike Mirror sits on a metal ball joint that affords it swivel action. The best part about this adventure dual sport mirror is the tinting. The mirror is tinted to diffract sunlight & headlights so the rider can maintain their full vision. This is especially useful at night where drivers’ headlights can be blinding.


 Bikemaster DC Bar End Folding Mirror


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