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Dual Sport Motorcycle Grips

Adventure Motorcycle Grips

Adventure/Dual Sport motorcycle grips are available right here at BTOsports.com. If you’re looking for a sick set of new dual sport grips you have come to the right place! We have a great selection of motorcycle grips for dual sport motorcycle. Check them out below!

 Dual Sport Motorcycle Grips

BTO Sports carries products from the top brands within the industry so our customers get the best of the best. With top names like ODI, Pro Grip, Renthal and more, you will have one of the best selections of dual sport grips to choose from. These companies have a great reputation amongst the motocross industry and are go-to options for the professional racing teams. You can rock the same grips as the pros do, so why wait around? BTO Sports has all of you motocross, street, and dual sport gear, parts, accessories and apparel so shop now for great low prices and fast shipping.

Dual Sport Grips at BTO

When choosing your new set of grips there are a couple things to take into consideration. Do you like soft, squishy grips, or do you like those that are medium to hard that give you unparalleled feeling? Sometimes, the soft grips give you good grip of your bars, but are also more susceptible to rips and tears and will wear out quicker than medium/hard grip. Medium/Hard grips give you great feeling and grip, will last a bit longer, but are slightly less comfortable to hold onto. It is all a personal preference and honestly doesn’t make that much of a difference, but it is nice knowing which ones will keep you the most comfortable. With grips from Renthal, ODI, Pro-Grip, Spider and Bikemaster, you will have one of the best selections of dual sport grips to choose from.

ODI Dual Sport/Adventure Grips

We have a couple different dual sport ODI grips to choose from such as: the Cush Street grips, and the Ruffian Road grips. The Ruffian Road Race grips are currently on sale and re made with a medium compound rubber that provides phenomenal comfort without sacrificing grip life. Medium compound grips are the best of both worlds as they provide the rider with more comfort and grip than a hard compound grip, but will not wear out like a soft compound grip.

These Ruffian Road Race dual sport grips are open ended so you can put bar ends on them do increase their longevity, and are designed to fit on 7/8” twist throttle handlebars. The Cush street grips are an extra soft grip that has a tacky outer material laid over a tough inner lining. This helps to provide better handlebar adhesion, comfort and grip for riders of all skill levels, and the soft pillowed pads reduce vibration. These dual sport grips also have reinforced ends that help prevent grip wear and tear and are made to fit 7/8” twist throttle handlebars.

 Dual Sport Grips

Renthal Grips for Dual Sport Motorcycles

The Renthal Road race grips are a go to for most pro riders as they are comfortable, durable, and come in various compounds that make finding your preferred style easy. These are dual compound grips that are super tacky so you get optimal grip and feeling without compromising durability. They have been tested and developed with insight from leading race teams in the United States and Europe to help Renthal produce one of the best grips on the market. These dual sport grips also come in the single compound option with three different synthetic rubber compounds that are made with special technology that ensures maximum retention of tackiness when exposed to sunlight and weather for long durations of time.

Pro Grip Dual Sport Grips

The Pro Grip dual sport grips are currently on sale at just over 12% off and are made with a frim inner layer and a gel outer layer. The inner layer increases durability while the gel outer layer increases tackiness, grip, and comfort. These dual sport grips are a great alternative for people looking for a medium/hard compound grip with the feeling of a soft compound grip. Designed for street use only, these grips feature an open end that can be used with bar ends or weights to increase their longevity.

Contact us if you need any assistance purchasing a new set of dual sport grips and we will give you the information you need to ride at your best!

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