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Dual Sport Motorcycle Locks

Dual Sport/Adventure Motorcycle Lock

BTO Sports has all of your dual sport gear, parts, and accessories. Check out the dual sport motorcycle security accessories and more right here at BTO Sports.com. We have a great selection of dual sport motorcycle parts and accessories so shop now.

 Dual Sport Motorcycle security

Motorcycle lock

BTO Sports has been providing motorcycle riders and racers with the top of the line motocross and motorcycle gear on the market. Along with that, we also give them the optional of purchasing aftermarket performance parts to get their motorcycle running at its finest. Whether you are an avid race, a riding enthusiast, or just like cruising around on your motorcycle, we have the parts and accessories you will need and want. From dirt bike gear and accessories, to dual sport adventure accessories, we will have you covered from front tire to rear tire with the best of the best. That even includes dual sport security devices.

Motorcycle Locks

Riding expensive motorcycles is fun, what isn’t fun is watching them get stolen, broken, messed with while parked in public areas. Maybe you like cruising to the beach and want to walk down Main Street in Ventura, Carpentaria or Santa Monica, or maybe you just like cruising around town with your friends and end up at a restaurant. What is the worst thing that could happen? Well actually, you would be surprised how many people sit on, touch, and damage motorcycles that aren’t their own. I witnessed this happen multiple times, and although there may not be an exact prevention method to prohibit people from sitting on your bike, there are other ways to prevent them from stealing it.

BTO Sports has a great collection of motorcycle lock, and alarms that you can purchase to help prevent your motorcycle from being tampered with or even stolen. Don’t let your baby go unprotected and get one of these motorcycle locks today. We have some of the best motorcycle locks on the market to choose from that are constructed from thick, durable, materials that deter thieves and unwanted eyes. We have the Abus 305 disc lock, kryptonite locks, and Xena Alarm Disc Locks.

 motorcycle lock

Best Motorcycle Lock

The Abus 305 is a hardened steel 5mm locking bolt that is vibrant red with a rubberized surface so it doesn’t damage your bike. IT has an easy one-hand push button cylinder and comes with two keys, just in case you misplace one. It never hurts to have a spare key, I have run into that situation one too many times and it is very, very unfortunate. These locks may be a pain to carry around, especially if you don’t typically ride with a backpack, but it is worth the extra weight to not get your bike stolen. You never know what can happen on the streets, so make sure you take the precaution to try and prevent thievery.

Here at BTO Sports we have a great selection of Kryptonite locks to choose from. One of the best motorcycle locks that we have from Kryptonite is the Series 2 standard Ulock with a 4’ flex cable. This lock will go around your bike to prevent it from being stolen. The stout 13mm hardened steel shackle resists cutting and leverage attacks it also has a vinyl coating that protects your bike from getting scratched or damaged. It has a 4 foot KryptoFlex 10mm thick braided steel cable that is incredibly hard to cut which allows you to secure your front wheel and accessories. Along with all of that, the disc-style cylinder delivers a high level of security to ensure your bike will remain protected when you aren’t looking. This is a great option to keep your motorcycle protected in public. Do yourself a favor and purchase a motorcycle lock today. These motorcycle locks will come in handy eventually, I guarantee it.