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Arai Adventure/Dual Sport Helmets

Arai Adventure/Touring Gear

Here at BTO Sports you will be able to find a huge selection of adventure/dual sport motorcycle gear to choose from. Whether you are looking for a new rain jacket or pants, maybe some heated gear, or a sick new helmet, we will have you covered with some of the best equipment in the industry. We carry over 15 different helmet brands, including Arai, for you to choose from! Check out the Arai dual sport helmets and gear today!

 Arai Dual Sport Helmets

Arai Adventure/Dual Sport Motorcycle gear

Arai, since day one, has had a mission to protect and optimize comfort in motorcycle helmets. They do some by building their helmets by scratch and these helmets are 100% handmade to near perfection. As stated by Arai, they do not build their helmets to meet the safety standards; they build them to exceed the safety standards. By reinventing, innovating, and developing new technology for their helmet designs, they are able to bring you some of the sickest, and most protective helmets on the market.

Granted the one helmet that is going to protect you most is the one the fits the best, but sometimes that protection can be taken further to enhance your protection. Arai is a family owned company that is driven with a passion of motorcycles as their family has seen three generations of motorcycle enthusiasts. They understand that one of the most important aspects in riding a motorcycle, whether it is a street bike, Harley, or dirt bike, is head protection. They specialize in handcrafting top of the line motorcycle helmets to ensure the safety of their family members, fellow riders, and customers across the globe.

Arai Dual Sport Helmets

There is a technical aspect to how Arai delivers their customers with world class adventure gear and dual sport gear. Arai dual sport helmets are made to meet the safety standards of Snell, Dot, as a baseline rating, not their goal. What that means is that they go above and beyond to ensure that their helmets don’t just pass the test, but crush them. It is very difficult to understand how helmets are going to react under real world circumstances and how they are going to allow motorcycle riders to ride another day. Arai puts their helmets through various tests to ensure their helmets will help mitigate server injuries during a crash, but that is the one risk that everyone takes once they throw a leg over their bike.

Our sport, motorcycle riding, is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. There is so many uncertainties, and one of the biggest risks that we all face isn’t our riding level, but other motorist that do not see us, do not care for us. Those motorists are our biggest nemesis and quite frankly, there isn’t much we can do about it. What we can do, as a community, is produce riding gear that is going to help keep us safe on the roads from head to toe. With the advancement in technology in riding boots, pants, jackets, and helmets, riders are now getting to ride with some of the best protection than ever before. Arai does an amazing job at making adventure helmets and dual sport helmets to increase the protection of every type of rider, so shop now and make sure you are going into battle protected with an Arai helmet!

 Arai Adventure/Dual Sport Gear

Arai Adventure Helmets

Arai Dual sport helmets that BTO Sports carries are in fact, going to helmet mitigate injuries during a crash. Are they going to fully prevent concussion or other serious injuries, no they aren’t. No gear in the world is going to prevent injuries from happening, but they will help you. All we can do is get high quality dual sport motorcycle gear to help us. We have a couple different types of Arai helmets for you to choose from.

The XD4 is a traditional dual sport helmet that takes after the motocross helmets that Arai produces. They come in a couple different styles and multiple color schemes so you can find the perfect on for you! The feature a visor and a face shield to provide you with immaculate vision, and the face shield can also be removed so you can rock your favorite pair of googles instead. Check out these Arai dual sport/adventure helmets today and start riding with the protection you need and want!


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