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Axo Motorcycle Gloves

AXO dual sport gloves are here at BTO Sports. We have a large selection of dual sport gear and accessories for you to choose from so you don’t have to spend hours scouring the web. BTO Sports is proud to carry AXO dual sport gloves for our customers!

 AXO Dual Sport Gloves

AXO Gloves

AXO has a mission to develop, manufacture, and distribute motorcycle gear, footwear, and accessories for dirt bikes, street bikes, and dual sport motorcycles. Whether you are an avid motocross racer or rider, or prefer to stay on the asphalt, AXO has the motocross gear to keep you protected on all of your rides. They strive to help riders achieve excellence within the realm of motorcycle riding by providing them with high quality motorcycle apparel, gear, and accessories. They are able to maintain their reputation by delivering products that are financially sound, incorporating enthusiasm and passion into all of their products, and innovating the products people love and need to be better than ever.

AXO starting their quest in 1978 and quickly became a leader in motorcycle apparel, gear, and footwear across the nation. They had a main focus on distributing top quality off-road boots, gear, and protective riding equipment to enhance the style and safety of motocross riders in the 80’s. Nowadays, AXO produces a wide range of motorcycle products that cater to off-road, street, and the dual sport riders across the world. By constantly evolving their products with innovative technological features and premium materials they have been able to expand their line of products to meet the standards and expectations of millions of riders.

AXO Dual Sport Gloves

In the 80’s AXO became an internationally known company that produces motocross boots, apparel, and protective gear, and in 1984 they were known to have the number one motocross boot on the market. They won multiple championships in the 250cc class and another in the 125cc class that increased the demand for their products. After growing exponentially, AXO racing was able to develop street products in the late 90’s, 97’ to be exact, and grabbed multiple MotoGp Championships as well as world champion ships in the Endurance and Superbike classes.

With their evolution of products, BTO Sports is proud to bring to you the AXO dual sport gloves. These dual sport gloves are perfect for riding on the street or in the dirt, and make the transition from street to dirt and back to street easier on the rider. With a couple different AXO dual sport gloves to choose from, you can find the perfect touring glove for you. We have the AXO North Dryder WP glove, the AXO ST-X glove and the AXO Fight glove. With multiple color schemes to choose from you will be able to find the best dual sport glove for your specific type of riding

 AXO Dual Sport Gloves

AXO Touring Gloves

The North Dryder WP glove comes in Black only and is one of the most demanded dual sport gloves on the market. AXO incorporate a hard TPU knuckle protection system inside of its complete waterproof membrane. This protection system mitigates the chances of debris from cutting or breaking your knuckles on impact while the waterproof WP membrane keeps your hands warm and dry during wet weather riding. Comfort, durability, and protection all in one dual sport glove was what AXO was going for with the Dryder WP glove. If you’re looking for the same optimal comfort with more protection, check out the AXO ST-X glove. This glove is made with a Carbon Fiber knuckle protection instead of the TPU found in the Dryder. The lightweight design keeps your hands light as a feather to increase feel and comfort and the padded synthetic palm provides you with added grip and comfort. The full fabric design AXO threw into this glove makes it perfect for riding in ever season.

Lastly the fight gloves are designed to be the ultimate road racing and dual sport glove. Constructed with a full goat leather main body and hard resistant plastic knuckles covered with perforated leather for increased durability and protection. Along with that, these dual sport gloves come with anti-slide silicon printing on the fingers so even in the wet weather conditions, you can have perfect grip and control of your motorcycles levers and controls. Providing you with a full range of motion in your fingers is the elastic ribs on the top of the hand and fingers.