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Bell Dual Sport Helmets

Bell Adventure Helmets

Bell dual sport helmets are here at BTO Sports. We have a large selection of dual sport helmets and bell adventure helmets to choose from. We have over 13 different styles of Bell adventure helmets to choose from and all of them have state of the art technological features that make them some of the best on the market.

 Bell Dual Sport Helmets

Bell Dual Sport Helmets

BTO Sports makes it our mission to provide our customers with some of the best motorcycle gear on the market including helmets. Some of the most popular Bell dual sport and adventure helmets are the Bell MX-9 Barricade, the MX-9 MIPS, and the Bell Revolver. These helmets don’t only look great, but they put their money where their mouth is when it comes to functionality and performance.

Bell Adventure Helmets

Bell is an upper echelon motorcycle helmet company that produces high quality, race performance motorcycle helmets to increase the safety levels of motorcycle riders across every platform. Whether you are a dirt bike rider, motocross racer, street rider, or road-racer, Bell Helmets makes, manufactures, and designs top of the line motorcycle helmets for you! Increase your riding longevity with a Bell dual sport helmet from BTO Sports. They established themselves as a company back in 1954, and ever since then have been growing year after year to become a leader in motorcycle helmets.

The Bell Barricade helmet comes in a couple different color schemes and top quality features to keep you safely protected on your ride. The MX-9 barricade Adventure helmet features a lightweight polycarbonate shell that has 3 different shell sizes to accommodate the different head shapes and sizes of riders. The EPS liner in helps provide the riders with a comfortable, personalized fitment so they can ride in comfort all day long in their new Bell MX-9 Barricade dual sport helmet. These MX-9 Barricades have a great ventilation system that has a high velocity air flow system and the inner lining is made with moisture-wicking fabric for increased cooling and comfort. Along with that, this helmet is DOT approved so you can ensure you are going to receive a helmet that will do its job when you take a digger.

 Bell Dual Sport MIPS Helmets

Bell Dual Sport Helmets with MIPS

The line of Bell dual sport helmets that feature the new MIPS technology are the MX-9 Adventure helmet, and the MX-9 Adventure Stryker helmet. These two helmets have the same lightweight polycarbonate shell as the Barricade, but also feature the ABS shell construction. What separates this helmet from the rest is the new MIPS technology that bell integrates into their newer helmets. MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. This highly innovative technological advancement is being used more and more in helmets to increase the protection of riders of all levels and styles of riding.

This protection system mitigates the energy of impacts as it has an inner shell lining that slightly rotates as the helmet undergoes impact. This rotation essentially mimics the brains on protection system as it is designed to slow and reduce the amount of energy transferred through the helmet to the brain. Obviously this isn’t a solution to prevent riders from getting concussions, but it definitely helps reduce their chances of getting them.

It doesn’t matter how good of a rider you are, what type of riding you are doing, you are going to get injured. So, why not help prevent your chances of getting brain injuries if the technology is present. You can never put a price on your head, which is why I would have no problem spending hundreds of dollars on a new helmet. Helmets are the most important part of riding equipment anyone can buy. Don’t go cheap on your new dual sport helmet, or adventure helmet and pick up a Bell helmet with MIPS technology.

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