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Biltwell Adventure Motorcycle Gear

Biltwell Dual Sport Motorcycle Gear

BTO Sports has a great collection of dual sport/adventure riding gear to choose from. Check out the Biltwell adventure gear below!

 Biltwell Motorcycle gear


Biltwell is a motorcycle company that produces high quality motorcycle riding gear that challenges the status quo. Most motorcycle companies spend countless dollars making their products pop out with insane graphic designs and color schemes; Biltwell has taken a different approach to delivering the masses with stylish, high quality motorcycle gear that is affordable for almost everyone.

Biltwell states it perfectly, “there is nothing about a leather-trimmed hand control…” that improves function or performance of your motorcycle, nor is there a reason to spend 200+ dollars on a helmet that looks sick, but has poor functionality. All of that is a waste of time in their eyes which is why they have developed their own set of principles to live by. Biltwell ensures that tomorrow’s riders will, in fact, receive high quality products that are marketed honestly, perform just as good as their competition, and are reasonably priced.

Here at BTO Sports we have a passion to deliver affordable, high quality dual sport/adventure motorcycle gear for riders of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a parent of peewee rider looking for a quality helmet or new set of riding gear for your kid, or an avid racer who needs top of the line protective gear, we will have your back! We stock up in some of the best, and most demanded products currently on the motorcycle market and we have some of the best prices to go with them.

Biltwell Adventure Gear

Biltwell makes a wide variety of gloves, jackets, helmets, and dual sport/adventure motorcycle parts and accessories. Here at BTO Sports, we offer their products because we believe in their business and understand that there are customers out there looking to challenge the status quo as well. This isn’t your ordinary motorcycle company; Biltwell has stayed true to their philosophy since day one and will provide you with an affordable selection of motorcycle gear year round.

Some of the products that we have here at BTO Sports that are designed and manufactured from Biltwell are their helmets, goggles and gloves. One of the most popular helmets in their lineup is their Gringo helmets. These helmets come in multiple styles and color schemes so you can mix and match it with your riding gear or bike. These helmets are clean, simple, and straight forward. They allow you to rock your favorite pair of googles while you ride, or you can get one with a face shield.

 Biltwell Dual Sport gear

Biltwell Dual Sport Motorcycle Gear

They come out of the box with a hand-painted finish and an injection-molded ABS outer shell. For comfort Biltwell added a hand-sewn removable brushed Lycra liner with diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam padding. Lycra fabric is a type of fabric that is specially woven to ensure flexibility, comfort, and a precise fitment. This fabric is typically used for clothing, but when it is used for helmet liners it makes lining the helmet easier and more comfortable for the wearer. These helmets meet the safety standards of DOT and come with an internal BioFoam chin pad.

Biltwell dual sport adventure gear is here to stay. We have a great collection of Biltwell motorcycle gear so start shopping and start saving! These products are reasonably priced and are designed for functionality. Although they may not contain a sick graphic design layout, or art work that is eye popping, these helmets will save you money and keep you protected because at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. Plus, if Biltwell’s products did contain that, they would be conforming to the aspects and expectations of society, and that is NOT what they are about. Challenge the status quo and get yourself some new Biltwell motorcycle gear today.


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