Biltwell Dual Sport Gloves

Biltwell Adventure Gloves

Biltwell dual sport gloves are here at BTOsports.com! These adventure gloves are some of the best in the market and with their unique style and remarkable features you will look great throughout every riding season.

 Biltwell Dual Sport Helmets

Biltwell Dual Sport Gloves

BTO Sports proudly carries these dual sport gloves from Biltwell for various reasons. Biltwell ventured away from the traditional style of riding gloves and motorcycle gear all together. They have a motto that “less is more” in the fact that putting countless hours into design insane graphics and crazy color scheme motorcycle gear means nothing. Yeah sure, you may be a part of the fad that is surrounding the motorcycle world, but it won’t last forever. When you get a pair of Biltwell adventure gloves, you are getting a motorcycle glove that is going to perform exceptionally well at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Biltwell Adventure Glove

We have four different riding gloves from Biltwell here at BTOsports.com the Moto glove, the Gauntlet glove, the work glove, and the Bantam glove. All of these gloves come equipped with top of the line features that will keep your hands protect, comfortable, and able to rip all season long.

The Moto glove is constructed with a two way stretch polyester back panel that incorporates a single layer synthetic leather palm with reinforced thumbs. These features make these gloves comfortable and durable so you will not have a problem wearing them on long rides with your buddies. On top of that, the Lycra expansion panels in the fingers are designed specifically for comfort and a free range of movement. Lycra is a type of material that is 100% flexible for unrestricted movement and conforms to your bodies contours thanks to its stretch like material. It is an incredibly comfortable and is utilized in almost every type of moto glove currently in production. If it isn’t, it should be.

Biltwell Touring Gloves

The Gauntlet is constructed from 100% heavy-duty cowhide throughout the entire glove giving it its structural rigidity and durability. The Anatomically contoured leather palm provides you with a perfect fitment and the internal pads mitigate abrasions and increase traction and shock isolation. Located on the index and middle fingers is the stitched accordion baffles that increase flexibility, and range of motion so you have unrestricted finger movement while you ride. On top of all of that, the long, wide, gauntlet cuffs provide protect from the weather elements in case the weather elements decide to turn against you. These gloves are perfect for street riding, dual sport riding, and overall will satisfy your ever needs in what you expect out of a dual sport glove.

The work glove is similar to the gauntlet, but doesn’t have the long cuff. This dual sport glove, or adventure glove, is constructed with the same 100% cowhide material, leather palm, internal pads, and stitched accordion index and middle fingers. The raised welt detailing on the back of the glove differentiates it from the others, but what truly separates it is it’s comfortable short leather wrist opening and closure system. Lastly, the Bantam glove is another high quality dual sport glove that is constructed with a leather palm, fingers, and thumbs. It incorporates a quilted synthetic back panel for ventilation and comfort while the neoprene Lycra wrist cuff provides you with adequate comfort.