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Black Brand Adventure/Touring

Black Brand Apparel

Black Brand is a brand new motorcycle apparel company. They were founded in Los Angeles, California in 2016. Barely a year old, Black Brand is already making a name for themselves. The big names in motorcycle apparel & gear have been around awhile. They have gotten comfortable making boring, milquetoast gear; never pushing the envelope. Black Brand believes that the very heart and soul of the motorsports industry is to break rules and take risks. That’s why this company was founded; to make daring and innovative products that reflect the passion or riding, and looking good while doing it. Their designers work hand in hand with riders to create gear that motorists want to wear. Black Brand isn’t afraid to offend anyone and they don’t apologize either. WARING: Their products are unique and not for riders who want to look like everyone else.


Black Brand Gloves

Black Brand makes a wide range of cruising and dual sport gloves and are priced affordably. They believe quality hand protection shouldn’t be limited to how much riders want to spend. Black brand dual sport gloves come in all shapes and sizes. They make full length gloves like the Black Brand Protector. This dual sport glove is made out of full grain leather, not the cheap stuff, which makes them more durable than other gloves. The Protectors are very breathable as well and do a great job at keeping the riders’ hands cool. The gloves are fashioned with perforation holes on the thumb, wrist and top to prevent excess perspiration buildup. The gloves do an excellent job at protecting the hand, as the name implies. The knuckles are reinforced with protective material to defend the rider against impact or debris that might injury the hands. The Black Brand Pinstripe Tan dual sport gloves are another great pair. They are constructed out of deer skin as opposed to bovine leather. Deer leather is much softer and pliable, allowing riders to get a better feel for their bike, which affords better control.


 Black Brand Dual Sport Gloves


They also make short gloves that give off that old-school, tough guy vibe. Gloves like the High Flow Shorty are great for hot summer rides. The fingerless dual sport gloves allow the wind to blow freely across the fingers while they grip the bike. The mesh backing further increases the breathability of the gloves. For a retro and stripped down look, the Vintage Knuckle shorty is an excellent option. Its fingerless and knuckle-less for the toughest riders out there.


Black Brand Accessories

Black Brand has a stellar selection of dual sport accessories to complement their extensive catalog of touring and dual sport gear. They have many accessories perfect for riding in cold weather, because they know it won’t keep riders from getting on their bikes. Black Brand full face masks are great for combating the cold because they are weatherproof. These dual sport face masks will protect riders using waterproof and windproof material to keep them warm. Black Brand Balaclavas and neck warmers are both great option for riders seeking extra protection in specific areas.


 black Brand Dual Sport Accessories


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