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Butler Maps Adventure/Touring

Adventure/ Touring Maps

There are many types of riders out there, many of whom simply use their bikes to get from point A to point B. That’s not necessarily a bad thing either, but a motorcycle can be so much more than that. There are many motorists who see their bikes as a way to venture out and explore the world, one trail at a time. Butler Adventure Maps are made precisely for riders who are passionate about life on the road. In this age of technology, old paper maps have been replaced by shiny new GPS devices. The riders at Butler feel that there is something special about navigating via a fold up map. It’s an imperfect method, but affords the rider more freedom to explore or even get lost from time to time. Butler Adventure Maps try and recapture some of the mystery that technology has eliminated from our day-to-day lives.


Butler Maps

The team at Butler Maps are passionate riders, just like their customers. They turn over every stone looking for the best motorcycle specific routes around the United States. Butler motorcycle maps break down each route into subsection with easy-to-read descriptions of scenery, points of interest, restaurants and lodging. Each of these route descriptions are collected from adventure riders around the country. Their maps are waterproof and tear resistant so they can withstand the open road. The good thing about a map is that it won’t ever run out of batteries like a navigation device, nor can it get damaged beyond repair like a smartphone. Butler Maps feature routes and trails around the United States, most of which zig-zag around the western half. Butler Motorcycle maps can fold down and be stored when not in use. They can also be stored in an adventure gear bag with a map window.


Butler G1 Series Maps

The Butler G1 Series motorcycle maps are an organized way to plan out an adventure tour. They highlight the best stretches around the country that will fire up riders to head out on the road. Each map is waterproof and tear resistant, which will help them survive repeated trips through harsh weather. Butler motorcycle maps highlight both paved and unpaved roads so dual sport riders can choose between the two. Butler G1 Series Motorcycle maps have so many awesome features like seasonal weather profiles, indication markers for points of interest, rating systems for the most scenic stretches and QR codes to stay up to date on route conditions.


 Butler G1 Series Maps


Butler Maps Master Collection

The Butler Maps Master Collection includes every single one of the maps that Butler has ever published. These maps are essential for any rider looking to travel each and every highway and backroad across the United States. Butler Adventure maps features trails spanning from Washington State to The Appalachians, from SoCal to the Ozarks. Anybody can plug in a GPS and ignore the beautiful scenery around them. These maps allow the different locales and environment to become part of the riding experience. The Master Collection also comes with a handy canvas case that will keep all the maps in order.


 Butler Adventure Master Collection


At BTO Sports, we have a number of different adventure navigation options for all types of riders. We have the newest GPS tech and old school motorcycle maps that motorists can use to plan out their ride.



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