Firstgear Adventure Touring Luggage

Adventure Luggage

Firstgear has been a leader in adventure apparel and equipment for over 20 years. Their mission has always been to create innovative and well-fitting gear that will enhance the riders experience, not diminish it. The adventure market segment has seen an explosion in popularity over the last few years. They recognize the need these riders have for rugged and dependable luggage on their extended rides. That’s why the wide selection of duffels, saddle, backpacks and tail bags are built for the road. At Firstgear, they don’t believe in bad weather, just bad gear. Firstgear adventure luggage will prevent gear from getting wet or covered in mud while stowed away. Whether on the open road or off the beaten path, Firstgear adventure storage has got you covered.


Firstgear Torrent Waterproof Duffel Bag

Firstgear developed their line of waterproof luggage to keep riders’ gear dry from the rain, mud and snow. The Firstgear Torrent Waterproof Duffel Bag is made out of PVC tarpaulin material that does a fantastic job at repelling rain. The seams are sonically welded together that gives moisture no chance of permeating the gear bag. This method ensures there is absolutely no perforation along the seams where the material comes together. The bag has an extremely wide opening and stiffens at the top, which makes loading & unloading a whole lot easier. To close the adventure luggage up, simply take the opening, roll it down and use the buckles on the side to fasten it down. This bag eliminates all the struggling with zippers and compressing the contents to get it to closed. The Torrent waterproof adventure luggage is available in 25, 40 and 70 Liter sizes to accommodate every rider.


 Firstgear Torrent Waterproof Duffel Bag


Firstgear Waterproof 20L backpack

This adventure backpack is one of the best on the market. The Firstgear torrent Waterproof 20L backpack is great for riders who like to travel light. Like the Torrent Duffel Bags, the dual sport backpack is waterproof to protect the contents inside. The torrent is also very comfortable to wear. The shoulder straps are padded to make it easy on the shoulders. Additionally, the back is made of a mesh material that allows the rider to breathe and stay comfortable.


Firstgear Onyx Saddlebags

The Firstgear Onyx Saddles bag is a great way to travel light. The bags straddle the saddle to conserve space and are less bulky than a full sizes duffel bag. They are made out of 1000D nylon fabric, a durable material that resists water and abrasions to keep everything inside safe. They are also heat resistant too. A unique feature of these motorcycle saddlebags is that they can expend by 20 percent for additional adventure storage.. Each bag can be individually expanded if the rider needs additional storage space. If the situation doesn’t require so much space, the bags can be compressed down to conserve space. The Onyx is loaded with internal and external pockets for riders who like to stay organized. The external pockets are especially handy because they allow quick access to items stored in them.


 Firstgear Onyx Expandable Saddlebags


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