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Firstgear Dual Sport Boots

Firstgear Motorcycle Touring Boots

Looking for some great closeout deals on Motorcycle Boots? Is a new pair of Motorcycle Boots always on the list, but somehow never bought due to high prices or lack of availability? BTO Sports has some of the best available closeout prices on top of the line motocross boots on the net. We are constantly adding new deals on high quality motorcycle boots to this section, so you can regularly find incredible prices on some of the industry favorites.

 Firstgear Dual Sport Boots

Firstgear Boots

Whether it’s the open road or the road less traveled, no other experience provides the thrill and passion for living that riding does. It’s a uniquely human experience. And with Firstgear Dual Sport Boots, you will certainly enhance the pure joy of riding. They will keep you warm when it’s cold, dry when it’s wet and cool when it’s hot. When all you feel is the thrill of the ride – Firstgear Dual Sport Boots have done their job.

Here at BTO Sports, you can not only find a great price on Firstgear Dual Sport Boots, but fromother top brands. The savings are constantly being passed on to our customers here at BTO Sports, because we know that value is what the customer wants most, and frankly what the customer deserves.

Firstgear Dual Sport Boots

Firstgear riding boots are designed and built from the ground-up for all-day comfort. Their wider "American" last accommodates a wide range of foot shapes. Whether your next ride is the morning commute or to another hemisphere, there's a Firstgear boot for you.

What makes for a good dual-sport, adventure or sport-touring boot? Define these tasks, and you will define how this type of boot should function. Touring, especially when done in a sporting manner, involves travel at greater velocities, which demands a boot that offers protection and long-distance comfort in a variety of weather conditions.

The matter of fit and comfort is quite subjective, but we have found that a comfortable boot flexes well and does not restrict the ability to squat down to check tire pressure or pick up a glove that has fallen off the seat. It likewise allows the ankle to flex for easy shifting, braking and walking up and down stairs.

 Firstgear Boots

The sole should not be so thick or stiff as to detract from the “feel” of the brake pedal. Expect a shifter pad atop the left boot. Some makers place a pad atop each boot for symmetry, and because some classic bikes shift on the right with the brake lever on the left.

For protection, you’ll want strategic padding around the toes and ankle bones. The majority of riders still wear dark colors, so for visibility we recommend you wear something lighter or even reflective. All but two of the boots we test include reflective material, but each is available only in black. From testing these boots we suggest that you wear long socks with them, socks that are taller than the boots to prevent the chafing that can occur when the boots’ top edges abrade your calves. Socks can also make the boots easier to pull on and get off, while being more comfortable all-around.

As for putting them on, it’s easier when the zippers are located on the inner-facing sides of the boots rather than the outer. This way, you can sit down, swing one boot atop your other knee and the zipper will be right there. When the zipper is on the outer-facing surface of the boot, you have to tilt your leg at an awkward angle to deal with it. Taller boots offer potentially greater protection from wind, weather and abrasion, but likewise become heavier and potentially bulky.

Firstgear Adventure Boots

The Mesh Lo Boots from Firstgear are one of their most popular riding shoes. A nylon mesh upper with leather support is super comfortable. These Firstgear Dual Sport Boots are a favorite of motorcycle shop workers for its cool all-day comfort on and off the bike. The Mesh High Boots are similar but give you just a bit more support. With its integral mesh panels the Mesh Hi boot provides massive airflow on those very hot days. Not a waterproof boot, but nothing will keep your foot as cool when it’s hot.

The Kathmandu Lo Waterproof boot is a mid-height, dual-buckle, riding boot made for all day comfort in the saddle or off the bike. Comfort was the number one goal in this boot and the mesh comfort liner adds to an already comfortable boot. The leather/synthetic upper offers waterproof yet breathable protection from the elements. Hardened toe box and ankle caps provide additional protection. A shallow treaded rubber sole provides outstanding traction on foot pegs and tarmac.

So whenever the need arises for a sweet pair of Firstgear Dual Sport Boots, be sure to hit up this section- you will be very glad that you did! Because BTO Sports is dead serious about making all of your Dual Sports dreams a reality.We have the Firstgear Dual Sport Boots and the customer service to pair you up with the right boot at the right price. Guaranteed!

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