Five Dual Sport Gloves

Five Gloves

The Five Brand was established due to the lack of quality gloves in the industry. The top motorcycle gear companies were focused on other segments like boots, helmets and clothing and paying little attention to the glove market. So the founder, French-Italian Franck Fazio, seized the opportunity to become the market leader in motorcycle gloves. The devotion that Five has shown to protection, fit and design has made them very successful over the last ten years. The name Five is their pledge to reflect these qualities in each and every finger, of each and every glove they manufacture.


 Five Dual Sport Glove

Stunt Gloves

Gloves are one of the most important pieces of equipment a rider can wear. Steering, braking, shifting, and bike control are all impacted by glove choice. The Five dual sport gloves make this choice a no brainer. The Five stunt glove has so many great features that make it one of the best dual sport gloves in a quickly growing industry. It combines the quality & durability of touring glove, with the protection & breathability of a motocross glove. The gloves are crafted out of goat leather, which might seem like an odd choice at first, but has many qualities that make it perfect for adventure motorcycle gloves. This material is more durable than cowhide leather, which will ensure that the gloves won’t break down so easily. Not only is it more durable, but it is softer too. There’s no point of wearing stiff gloves if they make it hard to grip the bike.


The Five Stunt Glove also provides excellent hand protection which is necessary when tackling tough terrain. Have you ever tried riding with a bum hand? Keeping the hands protected is essential for getting back out on the trails day after day. That’s why these Five dual sport gloves have Polyurethane protection on the knuckles to protect against impacts, abrasions and road rash. In addition to the knuckle protection, these gloves provide excellent ventilation. These dual sport gloves are perfect for long distance rides that are a big part of adventure riding. The Five dual sport gloves are engineered with ventilation in the palm, fingers and thumb to keep the hands comfortable while griping the bike. The Five Stunt Gloves are one of the best dual sport gloves for protection and comfort.


Stunt EVO Gloves

The Stunt EVO gloves have improved (evolved) upon its predecessor. Riding with sweaty hands isn’t ideal. The EVOs are one of the best dual sport gloves for ventilation to prevent perspiration buildup. The entire glove is comprised of mesh fabric, which allows the gloves to breathe. This is especially handy when exploring trails in hot desert climates. It’s also nice to let the hands breathe when they have to work hard to traverse tough terrain. They are also great for city cruising in the hot summer months. Five dual sport gloves are great for any number of situations.


Milano Waterproof Gloves

The Five Milano Waterproofs are a great glove to have on hand. Not only do the gloves keep the hands dry in wet situations, but these adventure motorcycle gloves keep the hands securely on the bike. The palms are made of goat leather which has water resistant properties. It allows the hands to stay firmly on the handle bars so the rider can maintain complete control of the bike. These dual sport gloves are great for unpredictable weather, especially in the summer months where weather can change in a matter of minutes. It’s not a bad idea to always carry a pair of waterproof gloves, just in case.


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