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Fly Racing Motorcycle Luggage

Fly Racing Luggage and Saddlebags

BTO Sports carries everything from motocross gear to motorcycle accessories and luggage bags. These Fly Racing adventure luggage bags and dual sport saddlebags are all on sale are a great low price. Check them out below and start saving money on luggage storage bags.

 Fly Racing Motorcycle Luggage

Fly Racing Luggage

Fly Racing has been producing motorcycle gear for riders of various skill levels and ages for years and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. They have some of the sickest gear on the market and that is the same for their helmets and adventure motorcycle luggage. They have spent years researching and developing some of the best motocross gear currently on the market and has transferred their knowledge into other areas of product spectrum.

Differentiating themselves from their competition was fairly simple with their unique stylistic design and top of the line features. BTO Sports proudly carries their products because we know they will make a difference in your riding experience and are demanded products that most motorcycle riders need and want. Some of the motorcycle luggage bags that we have, including saddlebags, are the Fly Racing small tank bag, the Grande Tailpack, and the Grande Saddlebag.

Fly Racing Motorcycle Luggage

The Fly racing small tank bag is a great piece of luggage that will carry your valuable items from point A to point B safely protected. It has a 4.5 liter capacity and a soft inner pocket that will keep your valuables protected even if they move and bounce around. If you don’t know where you are headed and need some assistance from a GPS or a smartphone, this type of motorcycle luggage will have you covered with its flip up smartphone/GPS pocket. It is mounted onto your motorcycle by anti-scratch magnet mounting system. This luggage is easy to install, and is compact enough to fit on the tank yet will hold you the valuables you need.

We also carry the Fly racing Grande Tailpack which is going to go on the back of your bike, obviously. It is mounted on the back of your motorcycle or street bike with a bungee mount that is adaptable for mounting in various types of motorcycles. It is bigger than the tank bag, as it should be, as it has an 18 liter capacity, and keeping your valuables protected from the weather is the rain cover to keep everything dry. If you have a visor on your helmet or use your favorite pair of goggles while you ride and are concerned about losing your sunglasses, this is the bag for you as it has a soft sunglasses pouch as well. You can squeeze just able anything and everything you’ll need at your destination with this piece of motorcycle luggage as it is expandable for larger items like jackets, hats, etc….

 Fly Racing Luggage

Fly Racing Saddlebag

If you are looking for a side saddlebag that is different than the tank bag and Tailpack, well check out the Fly Racing Grande Saddlebags. These saddlebags are currently on sale at 10% off and are capable of fitting just about anything you need thanks to their insane 40 liter capacity. These saddlebags also come with the rain cover to keep your valuables nice and dry if the weather flips on your and the universal mounting system makes it easy to install on just about any type of motorcycle. This is a fairly self-explanatory motorcycle saddlebag , but if you want to know more you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you out.

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