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Fly Racing Dual Sport Boots

Fly Racing Touring Boots

BTO Sports has a great selection of dual sport, adventure, and tour riding motorcycle gear to choose from. Shop from the best brands in the industry for new motorcycle touring jackets, boots, and more right here at BTO Sports!

 Fly Dual Sport Boots

Fly Racing Dual Sport Touring Boots

Fly Racing has been an icon within with motocross industry. They produce a wide variety of motorcycle gear from jerseys, pants, motocross boots, and now they have their own line of dual sport boots as well. Adventure boots, touring boots, and dual sport boots are virtually the same with minor differences depending on which style of riding you will be doing. BTO Sports has a great selection of these boots so start shopping today.

One of the dual sport boots that we have here at BTO Sports is the Fly racing Maverik dual sport boot. This boot is a shorty boot that comes up just below the calf rather than all the way past it like a traditional motocross boot. It has three snap closures buckles to securely fit the boot to your desired tension for a perfect, comfortable fitment. It stands about 11 inches tall which is roughly 3-4 inches shorter than most motocross and dual sport boots on the market.

This style allows for more comfort, performance when participating in tour-riding, adventure-riding, and dual sport-riding. Along with that, they are equipped with heat resistant leather that allows your leg and foot to be protected by the heat that radiates off of your bike. This is a great dual sport motorcycle boot that will keep you protected on the streets and make transitioning from street to dirt easier and more fun.

 Fly adventure Boots

Fly Dual Sport Boots

Another sport touring boot that we carry is the Fly Milepost boot. We have two versions of this boot: the Milepost Air sport touring boot, and the Milepost 2 touring boot. The Milepost Air Sport incorporates everything you want in a dual sport motorcycle boot. If you are looking for an easy boot to walk around in that provides you with adequate protection. These are the boots for you. As long as you’re a rider who strays away from wet weather riding conditions these boots are the way to go. Unlike their brethren, the Milepost 2, these boots are not waterproof but that are incredibly breathable.

They are fully ventilated dual sport boots that are perfect for summer time riding as they will keep you cool and dry throughout your ride and incorporate ankle, shin and toe protection for increased reliability and durability. Along with that, they are designed with shifter wear protection so these boots last longer in areas that undergo more stress than normal. The shifter tends to wear out the toe area of your left foot, but with these boots you will find that they are lasting longer than your traditional pair of riding boots

The Milesport 2 is a waterproof, breathable sport touring boot that is great for all riding conditions. Along with that, this is a fully vented summer time riding boot that will help keep you cool and dry thanks to the Airweave interior. The leather construction of this boot makes it easy to walk around in and extremely comfortable so you can remain nice and comfy throughout your long sport-touring ride. There is built-in ankle and shin protection to increase your protection levels without compromising comfort.

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