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Gaerne Adventure Gear

Gaerne Dual Sport Gear

Gaerne Adventure gear, such as adventure/dual sport boots, is here at BTO Sports! We have a great selection of adventure gear to choose from. Our inventory is stock full of great adventure/dual sport gear from some of the biggest names in motocross and off-roading. Check out our Gaerne adventure gear below.

 Gaerne Adventure Gear

Gaerne Adventure Gear

BTO Sports has a main mission to provide the masses with top of the line motorcycle gear. Whether you are an avid motocross racer or just a casual rider we have the gear for you. If you have a big adventure/dual sport motorcycle that you love to take on long rides around the country, we have you covered. Even if you stick solely to the streets on your Harley, café cruise, or street bike, we will have you covered from head to toe with the best motorcycle gear, adventure gear, dual sport gear and motocross gear you can find.

We strive to please our customers and offer them some of the best prices on the best gear currently on the market. We are able to do so with our great relationships with the companies and distributors, and with our great prices there is no reason to browse our sight and not buy something. With top brands like Gaerne you can keep your feet and lower legs protected from roost, rocks, and other debris that may impact your performance or health. Gaerne adventure/dual sport gear is on sale. Shocker, I know. With these great adventure boots, you will be able to continue riding in comfort and style. Gaerne is dedicated to providing motorcycle riders with boots that are priced based upon their quality and performance.

 Gaerne Dual Sport Gear


Gaerne has been handcrafting their motorcycle boots for over 50 years and they have been able to finely tune and tweak each one to produce one of the best motocross boot and adventure/dual sport boot on the market. How they do this is by incorporating the highest quality leathers and the strongest, most durable materials into each one of their boots. Gaerne is rooted in Italy and instead of outsourcing production, like other companies, they have decided to increase their local production to maintain their Italian craftsmanship. Inspired by old fashioned quality mixed with new, modern innovations, Gaerne brings to you a whole new line of adventure/dual sport boots.

Gaerne Adventure/Dual Sport Boots

Some of the Gaerne adventure gear and dual sport gear that we have here at BTO Sports is their line of motorcycle boots…obviously. With 6 different adventure/dual sport boots to choose from you wi8ll be able to find the perfect one for your style of riding. Currently, all six of these boots are on sale up to 30% off so you can save money for other amenities like helmets, jackets, and fuel. One of the boots that adventure riders may like the most are the Gaerne G adventure boot. This is a motocross style boot that takes into account the different types of terrain you may encounter on your ride.

They have a waterproof and breathable membrane that will keep out the water and their full grain leather construction lug sole increases durability and comfort. There is the 3 buckle closure system that is similar to a motocross boot, and their design takes after them as well. The interior of these boots come padded to keep you comfortable all ride long. These are just one of many so make sure to take a look at all of them before choosing. Remember, style isn’t everything! It’s about comfort, performance, and reliability.


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