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Gaerne Dual Sport Boots

Gaenre Boots

Wear nothing but Gaerne motorcycle boots? Want a sick new pair to ride your dual sport motorcycle or adventure touring motorcycle in? GOOD! BTO Sports has a great selection of Gaerne dual sport boots and motocross boots to choose from.

 Gaerne Dual Sport Boots

Gaerne Boots

Derived from a motocross background, these dual sport Gaerne boots look better than any other in my opinion. I rock Gaerne boots when I ride my dirt bike and I love them. I have the old SG10s and definitely need a new pair ASAP, but regardless these boots have saved my ankles and toes countless times and I guarantee they will do the same for you.

Gaerne is an off-road motorcycle boot company that produces high quality motocross boots and dual sport boots. Their boots are made with the upmost care, dedication, and pride to ensure that motorcycle riders are going to receive a high quality dual sport boot that will keep them fully protected without compromising comfort. Gaerne has over 50+ years of research, design, and innovation which makes their products at the top of the leader board when it comes to quality assurance, performance, and reliability. They manufacture their boots with the highest quality of leathers and materials available and are always keeping in mind your comfort, safety, and style when crafting their boots from strap to sole.

They know that money doesn’t grow on trees, so what they do is match the quality and craftsmanship with the price tag so customers can feel good about purchasing a pair of Gaerne dual sport boots. Our world revolves around “judging a book by its cover” and Gaerne understands that, but they also understand that the outside isn’t all that matters and it’s what is inside that counts. That’s why they have stayed right where their roots were planted and choose to not to outsource production and instead expand their local production in order to ensure consistency, innovation, and pride of Italian craftsmanship.

Gaerne Adventure Boots

Some of the dual sport boots from Gaerne that we offer here at BTO sports are the Balance Oiled boot, the G- Adventure Boot, and the G- NY boots. We have a plenty to choose from not just these three, but I am going to focus on the ones I like the most. Biased, yes I know, but whatever.

The Balanced oiled boot is currently on sale for 10% off so you save around $30-$40 US dollars by purchasing this pair today. They are constructed from full grain oiled leather for great durability, and have a waterproof and breathable Gaerne DryTech membrane liner. These properties make them great for everyday riding as well as wet weather riding conditions. Although it is not optimal to ride street legal motorcycles in the rain, these dual sport boots from Gaerne will tag along for the ride and keep your feet nice and dry. Keeping these boots glued to your feet are the 3 Allow replaceable buckles while the Gum rubber sole keeps them glued to your bike for ultimate feeling and control of your dirt bike or dual sport motorcycle.

 Gaerne Boots

Gaerne Dual Sport Boots

The Gaerne G Adventure boots are also on sale for 10% off! These boots like just like your traditional motocross boot with a slight differentiation. Made in Italy, like all their boots, these dual sport boots are constructed with full grain leather with a similar waterproof and breathable membrane. These adventure boots from Gaerne also feature the 3 buckle closure system to keep the safely secured to your feet and the leather gaiter provides you with adequate protection. These adventure boots have a reinforced shift pad to increase their longevity and fight against wear and tear more than average. The Gaerne G Adventure boots have a padded interior for an easy, comfortable fitment that you will love all year long.

Lastly are the Gaerne G NY Boots. These adventure boots is a shorty styled boot that are perfect for getting around in style. They have an upper that is constructed with full grain leather and elasticized Cordura inserts for optimal flex, durability, and comfort. They are lined with a DryTech membrane to ensure comfortability, insulation and breathability. Great for everyday use, these Gaerne NY boots are reinforced with nylon and cork in the insole and have gear lever, and ankle protection systems. Their rubber soles will keep your feet glue to your footpegs to provide you with exceptional grip and traction throughout your entire ride. Check them out today at BTOsports.com!

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