Garmin Adventure Touring Cameras & Mounts

Garmin Adventure Cameras

Garmin, famous for their GPS technology, has developed some of the best motorcycle helmet cameras on the market. These Garmin cameras are great for amateur riders, vloggers, serious filmmakers or anyone who wants to relive their favorite moments. They provide a unique POV that can’t be captured anywhere else but on a bike. An adventure camera is an easy way to document a new adventure or relive favorite trails, all from the perspective of the rider.


Garmin Virb Elite Camera


Why take a snapshot, when you can record a video? The Garmin Virb Elite is an adventure camera that does just that. It is a 16 megapixel mounted camera that records undistorted HD video, capable of recording in 1080p. It even has the capability to shoot video and take photos at the same exact time. The motorcycle helmet camera can take burst photos as well as time lapse shots. The camera has many different functions. It can act as a GPS tracker, an accelerometer or a baromic altimeter, all of which is displayed on a 1.4 inch screen.


This adventure camera has many other great features that make this perfect for recording. The rechargeable battery on the Garmin Virb Elite Camera last for three hours on the highest settings. Extended camera life can be achieved by carrying multiple batteries (not included). It has wifi for wirelss communication to other devices. This connectivity allows the device to be controlled remotely without having to detach it from the helmet mount. The Virb is small, compact and easy to use.


 Garmin Virb Elite


Garmin Virb XE Action Camera

The Garmin Virb XE action Camera is professional grade camera, which allows riders to capture everything while on the bike. The adventure camera shoots in HD, capable of shooting in 1080p at 30 frames per second (fps). The wide angle lens grants the device a large peripheral, which maximizes the view of the environment. The camera possesses image stabilization which is critical for uneven and difficult terrain. The virb also doubles as a 12 megapixel point-and-shoot camera, capable of burst shooting. It also has adjustable shutter speed for high quality still images or long exposure time lapse photos.


The Garmin Virb XE Action camera has many additional features as well. It is equipped with a built in Garmin GPS that uses global positioning to track the riders movements in real time. Using the Virb Edit software (included), users can view their trips along with data like speed, elevation etc. it also tells riders where they were when they captured the footage, so they can find their way back again. The motorcycle helmet camera utilizes voice control that affords the rider the ability to control the camera while keeping their hands on the bike. The high sensitivity microphone picks up great audio, and responds to voice commands even when competing with a loud engine. The motorcycle helmet camera is compact and sturdy, allowing it to survive accidental impact. It is also waterproof, affording riders the ability to shoot in wet conditions or even use it for underwater footage.


 Garmin Virb EX


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