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Givi Motorcycle Luggage and Saddlebags

Givi adventure/touring luggage is here! Check out our great collection of Givi motorcycle luggage and saddlebags today and leave nothing behind on your next dual sport adventure ride! We have everything you need so start shopping for motorcycle luggage today.

 Givi Luggage Bags

GIVI Motorcycle Luggage

Givi adventure/touring luggage bags are some of the best on the market. They make a wide variety of motorcycle luggage, saddlebags, and cases to strap onto your bike and protect your valuables on your ride. Whether you are going across country, up state, or traveling from campground to campground, Givi motorcycle luggage will be able to hold nearly everything you need! BTO Sports stocked up in their products because we believe in them and know that customers need products like these to travel the world on their motorcycles with. We want our customers to have the greatest selection in adventure/touring products which is why we offer Givi dual sport luggage bags and saddlebags.

Givi may only be 35 years old, but they develop a large range of products for motorcycle riders to enjoy. Givi was founded by Mr. Giuseppe Visenzi, who was a passionate motorcycle rider and after he left the racing world, he turned his focus into motorcycle luggage and adventure/touring equipment. He has revolutionized the way motorcycle luggage is being created and its uses as Givi has become a significant leader and competitors of motorcycle accessories across the globe.

GIVI luggage Bags

BTO Sports provides our customers with some of thest motorcycle accessories, parts, gear, and apparel because we care about you guys/girls, and want you to be 100% satisfied with not only your online shopping experience, but the products you want and trust. Givi makes handfuls of different motorcycle accessories, but these motorcycle luggage bags and saddlebags will leave you wondering why you didn’t pick some up before your last ride. Whether you are looking for some luggage bags to carry your most needed items to and from work or a tent to a camping site, we have you covered!

The Givi Range tank bag is one of the coolest luggage bags I have seen yet. It is currently on sale at 10% off so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank with this awesome motorcycle luggage bag from Givi. It has a 15 liter capacity and is constructed with 1000D polyester that incorporates laminated Thermoformed EVA and PU. The 1000D rating means that it is made from strong, durable, and reliable fabric that is thick to prevent damages to the bag; the high the Denier rating the thicker the fabric, and vice versa. The coolest part about this luggage is that it has a inside door/window for a smartphone and a porta tablet that is able to hold the an Ipad Mini in it. Even if you lose your heading, you can simply look down on your maps thanks to this awesome, creative innovation courtesy of Givi.

 Givi Motorcycle Luggage

Motorcycle Luggage

If you want that big motorcycle luggage bag to hold all your belongings on a cross country camping trip, check out the waterproof Series Tail Bag. This luggage bag is insane! It is big enough to hold 40 liters of stuff, whatever that stuff may be for you, it can handle it. It is made with a TPU heat seal and is incredibly light so it doesn’t throw off your balance, and can withstand excessive heat and cold riding conditions. It comes complete with tie down cords and shoulder straps so you don’t need to purchase them separately. You will get everything you need to throw your belongings on your bike and hit the open road! Check out this luggage bag today.