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GoPro Hero 4

GoPro Cameras

Never miss a piece of the action ever again and get yourself a new GoPro Hero 4! GoPro is the ultimate action camera and is a go to for adventurous and outdoorsy individuals. You can capture every moment of your experience with one of these action sport cameras from BTO Sports.



GoPro has been defined as one of the most versatile action sport cameras on the market. Many have tried to imitate this camera, but none have produced one that has similar performance or functionality. There are other companies that produce an action sport camera that has superior points of view, like the Fly360 camera, but none have been able to surpass GoPro’s versatility. Right out of the gate, GoPro paved the way for action sports cameras and revolutionized the way people capture their experiences.

From the first GoPro to the GoPro Hero 4, people have been able to show others a first person point of view of what they did over the weekend, a diving trip in the Bahamas, a lap around their favorite track, or whatever! These cameras are easy to use, can withstand the almost anything, and are going to get the shot 99% of the time. You can grab one of these cameras and all the accessories you need to get the perfect shot right here at BTO Sports. Whether you are putting it on your helmet, in your car, or on a retractable stick to get the perfect angle, GoPro will get the shot in high quality HD.

GoPro Camera

Go Pro was founded in 2002 in the beautiful state of California. Nick Woodman, the founder of GoPro, had a passion to create experiences and inspire people to get outside and experience life to its fullest. He wanted to bring people a way to share their experiences and show friends and family. Memories are only as enriched as you make them, but with GoPro you can capture every moment of those memories and let them tell their own story. GoPro’s capture your experiences, export them to your phone of computer, and play back the film for everyone to enjoy. Make your own short film, movie, and put together clips of your entire trip with the GoPro Studio. This program is easy to use and you can make high quality short films and piece together clips to make a great 3 minute or 30 minutes video.


GoPro Hero 4

Here at BTO Sports, we have the GoPro Hero 4. As most of you may already know, this camera is able to go underwater up to 45 meters/137 feet with its underwater housing and capture 1080p videos and photos. These GoPro cameras even have WiFi built into them so you can connect your phone up to your camera and someone on the surface can watch a live stream from your GoPro with their smartphone. Let’s say you are going on a dive and your friend isn’t certified. You Friend can watch everything you do/film without getting wet. Throw this camera on your dirt bike helmet and they can watch a first person point of view as you tear up the track. This camera is legit!

If you have any questions about shipping, pricing, or anything, you can give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. We have been in this industry for quite some time know and know a thing or two about what we are talking about. It doesn’t matter if you use this camera for moto, street, or watersports this camera will capture all of your moments. Thank you for choosing BTO Sports


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