Highway 21 Dual Sport Gloves

Scope BTO Sport’s selection of dual sport gloves from Highway 21 today. We have a large selection of dual sport gloves to choose from especially from the brand Highway 21. Check them out today for great low prices and some of the best sales prices on the market. If you can find them at a lower price, we will match that price if capable.

 Highway 21 gloves

Highway 21

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Highway 21 Gloves

Highway 21 is a motorcycle gear and apparel company that is dedicated to produce high quality craftsmanship in all of their products and pride themselves about being motorcycle enthusiasts. Their passion for keeping those two wheels moving allows them to provide riders around the country with new innovative products that keep you in style and riding to your fullest potential. BTO Sports has a wide variety of Highway 21 gloves to choose from like the Putt Glove and the Granite glove.

The granite glove is on sale for 10% off and is constructed with genuine goat leather for a comfortable, durable adventure glove. Incorporating the 3M 60g Thinsulate insulation, this glove will keep your hands nice and warm throughout the winter riding season. Along with that, the adjustable wrist closures provide you with perfect fitment to keep them secured to your hands and the reinforced foam palm provides you with adequate comfort. Increasing the comfort levels is the HiPora waterproof and breathable liner, and the pre-curved finger construction helps to maintain feeling and control of your levers and throttle.

 Highway 21 Dual Sport gloves

Highway 21 Dual Sport gloves

The Pitt glove from Highway 21 is a fairly simple glove that gives you adequate comfort and protection. They are made with genuine goat leather like the Granite glove and incorporate the adjustable wrist closure for a precise fitment. These gloves are perfect for everyday riding as they are comfortable and protective. What makes them even better is that they are touchscreen compatible meaning you can use your touch screen devices on the fly without having to take off your glove. These gloves look great and feel even better to provide you with exceptional feeling and control of your bike.

Topping these gloves off is there great sales price. Currently on sale for 10% off, you can get a reliable dual sport glove for a reasonable price. Don’t suffer from overpriced motorcycle gloves from other companies; these gloves will do their job when needed, and keep your hands ready to ride all season. Check out the Highway 21 gloves at BTOsports.com today and start saving with our great sales on dual sport gloves.