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Honda Adventure/Touring Gear

Honda Adventure/Dual Sport Gear

Looking for some dual sport gear or adventure gear to go with your Honda adventure/dual sport motorcycle? Check out the collection of Honda adventure gear here at BTO Sports. We have a great selection of Honda dual sport jackets to choose from so shop now.

 Honda Adventure Gear

Honda Jackets

Honda makes great motorcycles and to go along with their bikes is their line of motorcycle apparel. Whether you ride a street legal Honda motorcycle or a Honda dirt bike, these Honda jackets are going to keep you nice and warm throughout your ride. Some of which are meant specifically for street riding whereas others are meant for the dirt. The adventure/dual sport Honda jackets that we have will meet your standards and exceeded your expectations. BTO Sports strives in supplying our customers with top of the line motorcycle gear and protective equipment, and these jackets are one of the many products we carry.

Honda Adventure Jackets

Honda is an iconic motorcycle brand that has a great reputation for being one of the most reliable motorcycles on the market. These Jackets are made with the same TLC as their motorcycles to ensure quality, durability, and performance. The Honda Supersport Textile Jacket is made specifically for street riders, but it can also serve as great protection for adventure and dual sport riders. It is constructed with a water-resistant AR-600 frame and is equipped with CE approved shoulder, elbow, and spine protectors.

These protectors come in handy when the ground reaches up and grabs you. Hopefully you won’t need to use them, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The waist adjuster makes for a perfect fitting Honda Dual Sport jacket and the zipper controlled ventilation system will keep you nice and cool throughout your ride. This is just one of many Honda dual sport jackets that we carry so make sure you check them all out before purchasing one.

Honda Dual Sport Jackets

One of my favorites is the Sport Armored Softshell jacket. This jacket is lightweight, durable, and is perfect for adventure/dual sport riders. It isn’t thick and bulky like a street jacket, yet it provides the rider with the ideal protection that we all want and need. It is made with a lightweight, water resistant soft shell frame, yet still incorporates the CE VAULT shoulder, elbow, and spine protections. It has reinforced AR 1000 shoulders for even more protection and of course, the zipper controlled ventilation system.

What is cool about this jacket is that you can wear it with a hood while you’re not riding and detach it before your ride. The detachable hood provides the rider with improved comfort. I typically don’t like riding with hooded jackets because it gets in the way of my helmet and is just uncomfortable. I know some of you are like me in that sense as well so it is good to know there are jackets that accommodate this.

 Honda Jackets

Honda Gold Wing Jackets

There is also Honda dual sport/adventure gear that will match your Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. BTO Sports carries the Gold Wing textile Touring jacket, the Gold Wing Mesh Touring jacket, and the Gold Wing Soft Shell jacket. The Gold Wing Textile Jacket is just like the Supersport textile jacket, but features the Gold Wing logo on the front and back; it has the same features and protection system.

The Gold Wing Mesh touring jacket is similar to the Supersport jacket as well, but is constructed with a tight weave mesh and AR-600 frame instead of the water-resistant frame; it too has the Gold Wing logos. Lastly, the Gold Wing Soft Shell is a windproof water resistant soft shell jacket that is easy to wear, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable. It is perfect for cold weather riding and will keep you nice and warm. Check out the Honda adventure gear and dual sport gear today at BTOsports.com!


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