Icon Motorcycle Lugggae

Icon Motorcycle Luggage and Backpacks

If you only rock Icon motorcycle gear, well then check out the Icon luggage bags and backpacks right here at BTOsports.com. BTO Sports has a great selection of Icon motorcycle gear that will keep you protected from head to toe on every ride, and we also have the Icon Adventure/Touring luggage and backpacks.

 Icon Motorcycle Luggage

Icon Motorcycle Luggage and Backpacks

Icon motorcycle backpacks are some of the best in the market for various reasons. They may not be like the Ogio Mach series backpacks, but these ones are special in their own way. Icon puts time, effort, and dedication into all of their products which is why they are on top of the leader board when it comes to motorcycle gear, dual sport gear, and adventure gear. Whether you are looking for an Icon luggage bag to travel to and from work, or go on a weekend camping trip with your fellow riders, BTO Sports has you covered.

Icon makes a wide variety of motorcycle backpacks to choose from and we stock up on a great majority of them. What type of riding are you going to be doing, where do you plan on going, what are your reasons for purchasing one of these Icon backpacks? The answer is it doesn’t matter what your intentions are, if you want to go from point A to point B with all of your valuables stowed away in one convenient place, than these Icon motorcycle backpacks are for you! We have the Squad 3 backpack, the Urban Tank bag, the Stronghold backpack and much, much more!

Icon Motorcycle Backpack

The Icon Squad 3 motorcycle luggage bag is an affordable, reliable, and durable motorcycle backpack that will go anywhere you go and keep your necessities safely protected from the weather elements. It features a unique riding chest strap system that secures it to your body and has an air mesh back padding to keep the sweat build-up at a minimum. There is also an internal pocket that can hold the D30 back protector to increase comfort and protection, but this product is sold separately.

The durability of this backpack comes from the Rip-Stop nylon material that is used to construct this backpack together. Rip-Stop is a blend of fabric that is woven to mitigate rips and tears to increase the longevity of your new Icon backpack. This is a go to for most riders because it is comfortable, compact, and lightweight so you barley feel it on your back.

 Icon Backpacks

Icon Urban Tank Luggage Bag

If you don’t want to rock a backpack, or maybe you’re looking for some additional storage space without having side saddles, the Urban Tank bag should be at the top of your list of consideration. This Icon luggage bag is water resistant and constructed from a sturdy 420 denier Ripstop material; the higher number of denier, the thicker, stronger, and more durable the material is going to be.

You mount this luggage bag on your tank with four high powered magnets so there is not scratch, or damaging your tank and makes for an easy installation and removal process. You can also rock this motorcycle luggage as a backpack as it has padded shoulder straps. Super simple, super convenient. This Icon backpack and luggage bag is ready for the next adventure!