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Icon Dual Sport Boots

Icon Boots

Icon was founded in 2002 in Portland, Oregon. This company is unique because their engineers & designers are riders themselves, so they know exactly what riders need out there. Their firsthand knowledge guides every aspect of their products from inspiration, to design, to service. Their pool of expertise and their passion for hand crafted motorcycle gear has made them successful over the past decade and a half. More importantly, their products are unique and well designed. Nobody in the motorcycle gear industry is making products with the same aesthetic as they are. Icon does a fantastic job at combing that old school “tough guy” look, with modern performance and quality standards. Icon makes everything from helmets, to gloves, to adventure boots and apparel.


 Icon Dual Sport Boots


Icon Dual Sport Boots

Icon boots are a cut above the rest. Every boot is made of high quality leather and hand crafted to achieve that old school look that makes their products so unique. Their motorcycle adventure boots utilize Goodyear welt stitching on the outsole. This time tested method prevents these dual sport boots from coming apart at the seams. Plus, it gives them a really tough and old school look. The growing catalog of Icon boots are built to last and to withstand life on the road.


Elsinore HP Icon Boots

The Elsinore HP Boots evoke an image of renegade bikers traversing across a desert. They have a striking look and feel that makes them unique, yet familiar. The boots are constructed out of 12” top grain leather. This material provides some flex, as well as the durability that is expected out of adventure boots. The soles are made thick for increased durability and support, making them comfortable to walk around in. The motorcycle adventure boots are made wide for those adventure riders with wide feet.


The most prominent feature of these Icon boots is the five buckle chassis, made out of a single cut of leather. The dual sport boots are equipped with die cast metal buckles that make great fasteners, but also completes the look. The Elsinore HP boots are brandished with an aluminum Icon logo that doubles as a shin plate. Underneath the aluminum lies a heat pressed leather shin plate for additional protection. Keeping with the leather & metal theme, the dual sport boots are equipped with steel ankle and heel plates. These plates provide great support that makes them comfortable, even while walking around off the bike.


1000 Truant Icon Boots

These Icon boots are a great low top option. Low top boots provide significantly more mobility and comfort at the expense of foot protection. These dual sport boots are constructed out of full grain leather that affords flexibility and comfort. The Truants are made wide for those who don’t like to feel cramped in their boots. The toe plate is reinforced and replaceable so that shifting doesn’t ruin the boot after a few uses. The Icon 1000 Truants are a more casual approach to motorcycle footwear, making them great for touring, off-road or running errands around town.


 100 Truant Icon Boots


At BTO Sports we carry a great selection of adventure boots like the Icon Elsinore HP and the 1000 Truant. Come check out our full catalog of dual sport boots!