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Joe Rocket Dual Sport Boots

Joe Rocket Adventure Boots

Check out the collection of Joe Rocket dual sport boots and Adventure boots that we have here at BTO Sports. We have a large selection of dual sport gear and adventure gear, so put down the phone and start shopping. Check out our selection below.

 Joe Rocket Adventure boots

Joe Rocket Adventure Boots

BTO Sports has some of the best motocross and street gear for some of the lowest prices on the market. We want to provide our customers with great gear for great prices because we understand how important riding is to you, and we want you to do what you love every day.

Joe Rocket Boots

With that being said, we stock up with Joe Rocket boots for you to ride protected every time you throw your leg over the bike. Some of the Joe Rocket adventure boots that we have are the Ballistic Touring boot, the Speedmaster 3.0 and the Atomic boot.

The Joe rocket Ballistic motorcycle touring boot is currently on sale! This is a heavy duty dual sport boot that is constructed with synthetic leather for durability and protection. These adventure boots are also water resistant to keep your feet dry during that unexpected rain storm that tries to ruin your ride. The double stitching process increases durability in key areas of the boot and the injection molded toe armor reinforces to the shift area of your boot to increase your protection without compromising feel of your shifter or brake pedal. Along with that, the toe, ankle, heal and shin are internally reinforced to provide you with even more protection, but are articulated for exceptional range of motion and mobility.

Dual Sport Boots

Looking for maximum protection and ideal comfort out of your new Joe Rocket motorcycle boot? Check out the Joe Rocket Speedmaster 3.0 Race boot. This dual sport boot, or adventure boot, is made a with split grain perforated leather upper for ideal breathability and an articulated, reinforced ankle for mobility and protection.

 Joe Rocket Dual Sport boots

It has a titanium ankle plate integrated into it so you can ensure you’re going to have a boot that will help protect your ankle and a TPU mid-sole steel shank that has the optimal level of stiffness and flexibility. These boots look aggressive because they are made for the aggressive dual sport or adventure rider and will give you the confidence to push the limits.

Adventure Boots

The Joe Rocket Atomic boot is a shorty boot that has easy entry, a reinforced shifter zone for protection, and a low profile toe box for ultimate feel and control of your controls. Constructed with 95% leather, and 5% synthetic leather, these boots are durable, flexible and comfortable so you can ride in style and comfort without compromising protection.

They have a peg-freidnly sole sculpture to keep your feet secured on your bike and a padded ankle cuff for added comfort. These are great for people who don’t like the traditional motocross styled adventure boot and prefer a more shoe-like feeling. Check these boots out today right here at BTOsports.com.

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