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K&N Dual Sport Motorcycle Air Filters

K&N Air Filters for Adventure/Dual Sport Bikes

Give your dual sport/adventure motorcycle the lung capacity it needs to perform at its best. How might you do such a thing? By picking up one of these K&N air filters, that’s how! Check out our selection of K&N air filters today.

 K&N Air Filters

Dual Sport/Adventure Motorcycle K&N Air Filters

BTO Sports is your one stop shop for motorcycle gear, parts, accessories, and apparel. Don’t hesitate to get your bike in the best shape of its life and start giving it the parts and accessories it needs to perform at its best. Whether it is new forks and springs or something as simple as a K&N air filter, we will have the right part for you to get your bike completely dialed. We have K&N air filters for Victory, Triumph, Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, and BMW motorcycles. Make sure your motorcycles are breathing at its finest with one of these high flow air filters from K and N.

The K&N air filters that you are going to put on your adventure/dual sport motorcycle are going to open up its lungs and as a result produce more power. K&N has redefined the way air filters and intake systems have been made since 1969. K&N Engineering is located down in Riverside California and is the world’s leading manufacturer for air filters and intakes for cars, motorcycles, ATV’s and more.

They redesigned the way air filters are made by introducing the reusable high flow cotton air filter back in 1969. They have since then perfected the technology that goes into produce high quality, race performance air filters and intakes and now is a leader in oil filters, air filters, and air intake systems. They have become a world class company and are producing over 5,000 products in over 30 countries.

 K&N Air Filters

K&N Air Filters

There are plenty of reasons why you should install a K&N air filter on you adventure/dual sport motorcycle. First and foremost K&N stands behind their products and their customers 100%; ensuring your loyalty and their superiority, they offer a consumer protection pledge and a million mile warranty for their products. If professional race teams can trust these products to ensure their million dollar cars and hundred thousand dollar race bikes are going to perform at their absolute best.

The Million Mile Limited warranty states that if one of the K&N O/E air filters or air intake systems are used primarily on paved roads and on the vehicle it was designed for fails, K&N will replace it. These products are not covered if they are used for any type of racing or competition, any off-road use, custom or modified applications, or any off road/dual sport motorcycle/ATV use…unfortunate for us. Luckily these air filters are reliable and can take a beating!

K and N Air Filters

As long as you take care of your air filter with proper maintenance routines and clean it with the proper cleaning solutions, your air filter will take care of you too. You should clean your new K&N air filter around every 50,000 miles. If you drive in dusty conditions then you will want to maintenance it more frequently; always check your air filter after a drive and to ensure it’s not dirty.

The high Flow K&N air filters are designed specifically for street legal motorcycles. They are made to meet the OEM specifications to ensure you will not need to modify your air box or change the jetting. These are high flow, high performance air filters that allow your bike to breathe freely and will produce an adequate increase horsepower. If you are looking for one of the best air filters for your adventure/dual sport motorcycle, look no further as the best is sitting right before your eyes.


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