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Klim Jackets

Klim Adventure Jackets

Klim is one of the most renowned companies that produces adventure gear for backpacking, cross-country, adventure, dual sport, and touring activities. We at BTO Sports have a great selection of Klim Adventure jackets. Some of which can keep you warm and dry even during the harshest of weather conditions. Check them out below.

 Klim Jackets


BTO Sports carries Klim jackets because we want to offer our customers some of the best adventure and dual sport gear on the market. Klim is a company that is comprised of individuals who love the outdoors and are tired of the weather dictating when they can go out and play. It doesn’t matter if you are a person who wants to push the limits in the backcountry on your snowboard, skis, or snowmobile or an individual looking to keep warm on your dirt bike or motorcycle, Klim produces high quality dual sport jackets and gear to keep your protected.

Klim is based out of Idaho and the individuals who make up the company are constantly seeking an outdoor adrenaline rush. Idaho can get below temperatures that any of us want to be in, which is why the people at Klim make and manufacturer some of the best outdoor adventure gear, like Klim Jackets, you can get. Klim gear is made from premium quality materials that are guaranteed to keep you warm and dry during frigid snowy temps, and nice and cool when the warmer weather prevails.

Klim Gear

BTO Sports stocks up in a wide variety of Klim gear, like the Klim jackets, so you can have a great selection of dual sport gear and adventure gear for your preferred outdoor activities. Some of the Klim jackets that we have are the Gore-Tex Over Shell, the Traverse Jacket, and more!

The Gore-Tex Over Shell jacket from Klim is made to fit directly over their Adventure Rally Air Jacket to provide you with maximum protection. This Klim jacket is constructed with a 3-layer stretch fabric made from Gore-Tex for unparalleled performance, protection, and comfort. It is guaranteed to keep you warm and dry even through it has properties that make it highly breathable. Thanks to those properties, you can remain fairly cool when the sun starts to shine.

This type of Klim gear is designed to fit snuggly around your body to eliminate flapping during high speed winds and is equipped with reflective panels to increase your chances of being seen, ultimately increasing your safety. Along with all of that, this Klim jacket is 2mm smooth skin neoprene wrist closures and a taller neoprene collar that can create a snug, waterproof seal around your neck. All of this is to increase the comfort levels of your jacket which ultimately enhances your riding, backpacking, or outdoor experience. This is by-far one of the best jackets for its price range.


Klim Jackets

The Traverse jacket from Klim is another top of the line adventure jacket that is reasonably priced. The Traverse Jacket from Klim has been proven to increase comfort levels and protection from the weather elements. It is made with the same Gore-Tex material as the Gore-Tex Over Shell so it is guaranteed to keep you warm and dry during those frigid temperatures. The 840D Cordura overlays bring unparalleled comfort levels to this jacket.

. Cordura is a highly durable, and stretch material that is beginning to be used more in outdoor adventure gear because it is lightweight, incredibly strong, and can stretch to help mitigate tearing and rips. It is used in areas that are more common to cause abrasions as Klim wanted to help mitigate abrasions from occurring. This Klim jacket incorporates an effective ventilation system for when the weather begins to warm up to make a comfortable fitting jacket that can be used year round.

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