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Leatt Adventure Gear

Leatt Dual Sport Gear

Leatt adventure gear and dual sport gear is at your disposal right here at BTO Sports! We haver a great selection of leatt adventure/dual sport gear to choose from that ranges from protective riding gear to adventure jackets. Check all of it out below.

 Leatt adventure Gear

Leatt Adventure/Dual Sport Gaer

Leatt is a motocross/off-road company that began after Dr. Chris Leatt witnessed the death of a fellow rider. This was an eye opening experience for him and took quick actions to increase the protection and safety of riders across the world. His son began riding the weekend before the incident and you can only imagen what thoughts burst into his head; after understanding the true conseqeuneces of this sport, Dr. Leatt began to design neck brace prototypes for motocross riders. That was in 2001 and 3 years later in ’04 he sold the first Leatt neck brace in South Africa. Ever since their arrival, Leatt neck braces became one of the most demanded pieces of motocross equipment in the industry and their success began to skyrocket. In 2007, Racer X awarded them with the Product of the Year Award and featured Leatt neck braces on the cover of their magazine.

Taking the levels of protection even further, Leatt organized and founded their first Leatt Lab to ensure their braces were being tested to the standards they set and passed them exponentially. Following this plan of action, 2009 showed Leatt great success as well as they received an Award for Outstanding Saftey Acheivement from SAMIA, and became the winner of the Innovations Award at Eurobike. Amazing accomplished backed up Leatt’s resume and they became one of the leaders in motocross protection. It is safe to say that Leatt neck braces helped pave way for the revolution of neck braces within this sport, and others!

 Leatt dual sport Gear

Leatt Dual Sport/Adventure Gear

You have a wide variety of Leatt products to choose from here at BTO Sports; from knee guards, body protection and adventure/dual sport gear BTO Sports has it all! Some of the adventure/dual sport gear that we carry differs from the type of riding you will be doing and the weather that those rides will bring. If you are going to be riding up in the mountains during the midst of winter, we have thick winterized jackets. If you are going to be cruising the beaches of Ensenada/Baja California, we have highly ventilated yet durable jackets as well. You will literally find all of the Leatt adventure gear you need with a couple clicks of the mouse here at BTOsports.com.

In need of a new adventure/dual sport jacket, well the Leatt GPX Adventure Jacket is one you should take into consideration. This jacket is currently on sale for over 60% off which will save you over $120 dollars, but don’t be fooled by our sale price! This jacket is loaded with top of the line features such as a coated water-resistant nylon shell that and a waterproof/breathable brace cover that is built into the neck. It is great for long rides where you will encounter various types of weather as it features four zip-open ventilation panels to keep you cool and two rubberized hydration type openings to incorporate a Hydration pack in order to quench your thirst. This is one of the most bang for your buck piece of Leatt adventure gear on the market.


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