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LS2 Adventure/Dual Sport Helmets

LS2 Helmets

LS2 makes a wide variety of adventure/dual sport helmets that are suitable for various types of off-road and on-road motorcycle riding. Check out BTO Sports great collection of LS2 Adventure/dual sport gear today.

 LS2 helmet

LS2 Helmets

LS2 started in 1992 as the founder, Arthur Liao, founded Xiqing Plastics for roughly 500 dollars in China. This plastics company began to make and sell helmets throughout the entire domestic Chinese market and quickly became a highly demanded helmet. They products gained customer satisfaction and the motorcycle community turned to LS2 for helmets and head protection. After gaining loyal customers and producing products customers loved and trusted, Xiqing Plastics established the MHR helmet Co with the sole purpose of exporting brand named motorcycle helmets across the world. That was in 1998, in 2006 LS2 helmet brand was registered and began selling and distributing top shelf helmets throughout china, and the world.

One of their biggest accomplishments came in 2008 when they became the Only helmet manufacturer in China that was fully approved by the United kingdom. They received an accreditation service and full ISO9000 accreditation. The ISO accreditation implies that this company was externally assessed and found to have consistent development, implementation, and improvements of quality management. These consistencies ensured customer satisfaction and meet customer standards and requirements.

LS2 Adventure/Dual Sport Helmets

LS2 constructs their helmets with fiberglass, composite, or a polycarbonate shell that is composed of three main elements: the external shell, shock absorbing EPS liner, and other accessories. These accessories consist of comfort linings, visors, and ventilation systems. All of these accessories increase the performance of the LS2 adventure helmets and dual sport helmets. This LS2 adventure gear is made for various skill levels of riders; from avid racers and enthusiasts, to beginners looking to fall in love with a new sport, LS2 adventure/dual sport gear is a great product for all!

LS2 adventure helmets also have a carbon fiber construction. This Carbon fiber construction consists of multiple layers that are mixed into a polymer resin. From there, the molds are put through a process that enables them to resist temperatures that exceed 120 degrees Celsius. These helmets are used by top professional race teams in the Formula 1 race series and Moto GP because the carbon fiber construction ensures these LS2 helmets are going to be incredibly strong, and insanely light.

 LS2 adventure helmet

LS2 Pioneer MX436 Adventure Helmet

Some of the LS2 adventure gear and adventure/dual sport helmets that we have here at BTO Sports come in some sweet graphic designs and color schemes so customers can find the perfect one that suits their style. One of which is the Pioneer MX436 Trigger helmet. This adventure helmet from LS2 is a newer helmet that has state of the art features to ensure safety, performance, and comfort. Currently on sale for 20% off, this LS2 dual sport helmet has a built-in sun screen, a wide eye port for enhanced vision and to accommodate the use of goggles instead of the face shield.

Along with that, there is the ERS technology that stands for “emergency release system” located in the cheek pads. This system allows for an easy removal of the helmet in medical emergency situations. These cheek pads are also laser cut using LS2’s 3D laser technology for a perfect countered fitment. Ensuring your protection, these LS2 adventure helmets are DOT approved. Check them out today.


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