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LS2 Dual Sport Helmets

LS2 Adventure Helmets

LS2 dual sport helmets are here at BTO Sports. We have two different LS2 dual sport helmets to choose from and accessories to go with them. If you are looking for a new dual sport helmet, you’re in luck because BTO Sports has a great selection of dual sport helmets to choose from.

 LS2 Dual Sport Helmet

LS2 Touring Helmets

LS2 started up in 1992 to begin producing motorcycle helmets to enhance the safety and performance of motorcycle helmets for riders to use across the globe. Since then, they have redefined their line of helmets to use various types of materials like fiberglass, composite or polycarbonate to compile together an external shell, a shock absorbing EPS liner, and other comfort linings to increase the protection and comfort of their helmets. Whether you are looking for a street bike helmet or a dual sport helmet, LS2 will have you covered and keep you safely protect on the streets or in the trails.

BTO Sports has a couple different types of LS2 helmets to choose from. We have the LS2 Pioneer MX436 Trigger helmet and the Pioneer MX436 Solid Helmet. The Trigger helmet comes in three different color schemes whereas the Solid helmet comes in 2. We also have LS2 Helmet accessories like the MX436 helmet visor and MX435 helmet visor; both of these visors come in multiple color schemes for you to choose from and match the color of your LS2 dual sport helmet.

LS2 Pioneer Dual Sport Helmet

The Pioneer MX436 Trigger helmet has a unique graphic design that gives it an aggressive appearance regardless if you choose the Hi-Vis Yellow, the White, or the Red graphic design. This LS2 dual sport helmet is currently on sale for 20% off which you to save $35.00 US Dollars. This LS2 helmet is DOT and ECE approved so you can ensure you are receiving a high quality dual sport helmet that comes with top of the line features.

These features consist of a built-in sun screen to protect your eyes from sun glare and a wide eye port that accommodates for the use of goggles if you prefer those over the face shield. This helmet also has ERS (emergency release system) integrated into the cheek pads that have contour cuts for a precise fitment. The cuts are made with LS2’s laser cutting technology for exact measurements and precise cuts. The Pioneer Solid helmet comes with these same great features, but comes in a solid gunmetal or black color.

LS2 Replacement Visors for Dual Sport Helmets

The replacement visors that we carry for these helmets come in all the colors to match your LS2 Pioneer helmet. They are constructed with the same material as the factory visors that originally come with your LS2 dual sport helmet so you can ensure the same quality and fitment with your new replacement visor.

If you have any questions regarding these products feel free to contact us during our normal business hours (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm Pacific standard time). Thank you for choosing BTO Sports for all of your motorcycle gear, parts, accessories, and apparel. We greatly appreciate your business!

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