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Adventure/Touring is more than just a growing segment of the motorcycle community; it is a riding lifestyle complete with unique dual sport motorcycle, specialized Adventure/Touring gear designed for the hardcore riders among us and an unlimited number of destinations to choose from. To that adventurous end, Heated Motorcycle Pants | Liners have become all the rage for Adventure and Dual Sport riders alike!

 heated motorcycle pants

Heated Motorcycle Pants

Explore the places few people have ever seen, go to the places even fewer have ever been and do it all from the seat of your bike. And stay warm all the while? That’s the dream, fella! That’s adventure! And that’s Adventure/Touring at its core. So, when you are ready to gear up and point your GPS towards the road less traveled then we invite you to check out this section of Heated Motorcycle Pants | Liners and their brands. You will find all the heated motorcycle pants needed to get your first trip started.

There's a good reason the Heated Pants | Liners section here at BTO Sports is one of the fastest growing sections on this site! The allure of traveling off the beaten path to locations few people have ever seen is inspirational to say the least. After logging thousands of miles and meeting adventure/touring riders from all walks of life, we feel obliged to encourage aspiring ADV riders to climb aboard and experience the adventure touring first hand.

As we all know- it gets cold out there in the wild! You need to stay warm and dry at all costs! On that note we feel it would be a great idea to offer up some tips, recommendations and suggestions that will make your transition from a rider to an educated and prepared Adventure/Touring rider, that much easier. And that, my friends, means Heated Motorcycle Gear! So, here's a Heated Pants | Liners checklist that we hope will help you be prepared for the big ride.

Heated Pants and Liners

When lining up some new heated motorcycle apparel, you may want to start with some warm, heated pants. Gotta have them! A cold weather workhorse, Firstgear’s Heated Pants | Liners are a dependable companion on any motorcycle ride.

Able to be used independently or paired with other heated accessories, this liner gives safe, convenient warmth that can be easily adjusted to suit your need. When it comes to cold weather riding, Firstgear and the 90 Watt Heated Pant Liner has what it takes to keep you out there no matter what the mercury shows. And these heated moto pants are loaded with features!Wish there were heated pants to warm you up on those cold commutes and adventures?

When it comes to staying warm, having the right outer layer is important, but having the right base layer is critical. Providing that solid foundation, the Firstgear Heated Pants Liner gives your lower half the necessary warmth through its easy to use interface. Each liner is also made using a spandex fabric that ensures you retain normal motion and stay comfortable all day long.

Types of Heated Motorcycle Pants and Liners

How to keep these heated pants | liners fired up throughout the trip? Try the Remote Dual Heat Troller. The best and only way to run your Firstgear heated motorcycle apparel, the Remote Dual Heat Troller can be mounted almost anywhere while allowing you to make quick and easy adjustments to the temperature.

The Dual Heat Troller is especially handy when wearing two or more heated items. This kit includes the remote, receiver and battery harness, and has a Hi-Tech wireless remote control featuring electronic, solid state design in small box. This waterproof remote control can be mounted on bike or rider, no wires to limit placement, and the waterproof receiver can be left in the liner full time, including when being washed!

The Tour Master Synergy® 2.0 Heated Pants Liner is perfect for the guy that rides a motorcycle that doesn’t provide any wind protection for your legs. This Synergy® 2.0 pant liner will keep your legs warm and feeling good on those cold days when you need to get out on your motorcycle to avoid doing work around the house. The Synergy® 2.0 pant liner works great with the Tourmaster vest, jacket liners and gloves to warm your whole body on those cool mornings.

They are designed to operate in all weather conditions from a vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system. Why? Because warmth without bulk or discomfort, makes for a safer, more enjoyable ride! And lightweight, flexible carbon fiber heating elements provide safe, even warmth- while Expanding side panels help fine tune the fit and increase comfort.And yes, these are just a few of the many heated motorcycle apparel options available right here at BTO Sports! We have everything you need, from head to toe, to not only keep you warm- but safe on the bike as well.