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Moose Racing Fender Packs

Moose Racing Luggage Bags

Moose Racing makes some of the best dual sport and adventure packs and luggage bags on the market. These motorcycle luggage bags are perfect for dirt bikes, dual sport bikes, and adventure touring motorcycles! BTO Sports has a great collection of these motorcycle packs so shop today!

 Moose Racing Fender Pack

Moose Racing Luggage Bags

Moose Racing makes a wide variety of motorcycle gear that ranges from riding gear like jerseys and pants to motorcycle packs that attach directly to your dirt bike or dual sport motorcycle. BTO Sports carries Moose Racing products like their motorcycle luggage bags because we know the importance of being prepared for the worst while on your ride.

I personally have been stuck in the middle of the desert because I ran over some random metal wire that got stuck in my rear spoke and wrapped itself around the entire rear end of my dirt bike. A pair of wire cutters, or even just some type of cutting device would have been greatly appreciated then. Ever since that day, I began riding with a hydration pack that carries a pair of wire cutters, a 3 sized T-handle, and some open end wrenches. It may seem like a lot and extra weight to carry around for a “just in case” moment in life, but it is so worth it!

These Motorcycle luggage bags from Moose Racing may be the difference in making it home or not. You never know what could happen on a ride through the desert, so make sure you are prepared to handle whatever it throws at you with the Moose Racing motorcycle packs! There are handfuls to choose from so there is no reason not to get one, and with our great prices it is a no brainer to pick one up before you’re next ride! Check out the Removable rear fender pack and the fender mount tool pack these are must have for adventure and dual sport riders, and desert riders!

 Luggage Bags and Motorcycle Luggage Bags

Moose Racing Dirt Bike Pack

The Fender Mount Tool kit mounts directly to your rear fender of your dirt bike. It is secured onto your dirt bike with its self-contained bolt-on mounting plate and the twin compression straps that secure the pack to keep the tools from shifting and bouncing around on your ride. It can handle taking a digger or two thanks to the rugged 600-denier material construction. The 600d fabric construction means that the fabric is going to be thick, strong, and ready to handle the hot,dusty conditions of desert riding. It is perfect for taking on dual sport rides because it is light, compact, and capable of holding your tools so they don’t take up space in your saddlebag, luggage bag, or backpack.

The Removable Rear Fender Pack has a hook and loop mounting pad that you can strap to the rear fender or seat that allows you to quickly remove the main pack to take with you everywhere you go. This removal system also allows you to easy grab the tools you need without having to walk back to your bike to look for a tool, simply remove the main pack and go. It is constructed from the 600D outer material with a PVC inner core that keeps it shape and thanks to the padded interior will keep your valuables protected along your bumpy journey. It may look small and compact, but this Rear Fender Pack is large enough to hold a motocross jersey, a tool wrap, and multiple items that you will find essential on the trail. Not only does it hold a jersey, and those other things, but you can expand it even more to hold your jacket if need be.

These Moose Racing luggage bags, and luggage packs are the way to go if you need to bring a couple extra tools and accessories on your ride. It is never a bad idea to bring those tools with you; you never know when you are going to need them most, and you will be kicking yourself the one time you get wrapped in chicken wire and left your pack at home because you said “Oh, it will be a quick one. Just going to that hill over there”…. Yes, I am speaking from personal experiences. If you need anything, give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the right one for you! Thanks for choosing BTOsports.com.

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