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MSR Adventure Gear

MSR Dual Sport Gear

MSR is one of the bigger companies within the motocross industry. With a great collection of parts, accessories, and apparel, MSR has been able to keep their success year after year and provide motorcycle riders with top of the line equipment to keep them doing what they love.

 MSR Dual Sport helmet

MSR Adventure Helmet

MSR, also known as Malcom Smith Racing, is a top teir company within the motocross industry. They began by manufacturing and selling motocross parts like brake cables, clutch cables, and a couple other accessories that gave riders a leading advantage over their competitors. MSR produced parts that were lighter than the OEM parts and functioned better than the OEM parts to ensure their customers were receiving reliable high performance race parts. MSR was founded back in 2971 and once they made some breakthroughs within the motocross world, they quickly became the big man on campus.

MSR produces various types of gear, parts, and accessories for professional race teams, amateur teams, and all sorts of motocross riders around the world. If you are looking for some sick adventure gear from MSR, you came to the right place because here at BTO Sports, we have everything you need to get back on the bike in style and confidence. From air filters and hydration packs to adventure helmets and dual sport riding gear, MSR makes and manufactures it all so riders can get the ultimate riding experience on every ride. You can get all of their gear, parts, accessories, and apparel right here at BTO Sports because we strive to offer our customers the best and most demanded gear on the market. Even if what you are looking for isn’t top 5 on the popularity list, odds are we have it!

MSR Dual Sport Helmet

Keep yourself, more importantly your head, protected with one of the MSR dual sport helmets. The MSr Dual Sport Xpedition helmet is currently on sale here at BTO Sports. This 20% off will save you some extra cash so you can spend it on other gear, accessories, or gasoline to keep riding on the daily; this MSR adventure helmet comes in four different color schemes to choose from. You have the option of choose a black, white, grey, or orange MSR dual sport helmet. All of which are made with the exact same features so there is no sacrificing performance or safety for comfort or style.

This MSR dual sport helmet features an aerodynamic shell design that is constructed by using the highest advanced poly alloy plastic to increase strength and decrease weight. Along with that, the curved compound gives it an aggressive like that is scratch resistant and the optically correct face shield provides you with perfect vision. Another great feature of this face shield is that it will protect you from the UV rays and it can be removed to accommodate for google use. Lastly, this dual sport/adventure helmet from MSR has a hi-air velocity chin vent that filters out the dirt and other debris by incorporating a synthetic metal mesh screen. This DOT and ECE approved helmet will keep you protected on the trails; grab one today and feel the difference on your next ride with one of these MSR Dual Sport Helmets.


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