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MSR luggage bags and motorcycle bags are here at BTO Sports! Check out our great selection of Malcom Smith Racing motocross bags, motorcycle bags, side saddlebags, and other luggage bags below!

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MSR was created by motocross racer Malcom Smith back in 71’ and started off as a small accessory motocross and motorcycle company. MSR provided motorcycle riders with minsucle parts that added flare and performance to their machines to help them gain an advantage over their competition. Mainly selling brake cables and throttle kits, MSR rose quickly within the industry to become one of the top dogs in the motocross community as people grew found of their products.

MSR now produces a wide variety of motocross accessories, gear, and performance parts to increase the performance of dirt bikes and motorcycle in order to allow the rider to get the most out of their riding experience. Whether you ride track, race in the desert, or go on adventure rides, MSR has the motorcycle accessories for you, including dual sport luggage, adventure luggage bags, and other motorcycle fender packs to choose from!

MSR Motorcycle Luggage

BTO Sports has a wide variety of MSR gear, helmets, accessories, and more to choose from. You should be able to find everything you need right here at BTOsports.com and if you can’t, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate for your needs. If you are looking for a new adventure fender pack, dual sport luggage bag, or adventure motorcycle bag, or motorcycle backpacks we will definitely be able to help you out!

Here at BTO Sports, you will find an extensive line of products for dual sport riding, adventure riding, and other forms of off-roading that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. If you are in the market for purchasing a new MSR luggage bag, check out the MSR Xplorer Waterproof Duffle Bag. This is a fairly new motorcycle luggage bag that can hold all of your tools, gear, spare parts, etc. in a compact cargo motorcycle bag. It is capable of holding 25, 40, even 75 liters of cargo, depending on which one you buy, and is 100% waterproof.

Although it is 100% waterproof that does not mean you can fully submerge it underwater. It is constructed from a tough PVC tarpaulin fabric that allows it to withstand the harsh conditions of the desert and various types of motorcycle riding. Lightweight, compact, and versatile, this is one of the best motorcycle luggage bags on the market.

 MSR Motorcycle Luggage

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Ever get wrapped up in some random piece of wire in the middle of the desert and it locks up your rear tire? Maybe a couple of your bolts come loose on your bike and need to tighten them before you ride, well the MSR roost pack is a motorcycle fender pack is something to take into consideration. It is constructed from a durable 845D nylon fabric that incorporates a PU backing and plastiform padding. It is made with several different compartments so you can bring tools, water, and other essentials with you on your ride.

I got caught without tools in the desert when I needed it most and took a couple extra hours to get home. I got a strand of wire wrapped between the spokes and Swingarm of my rear tire and was basically screwed. A pair of wire cutters or any type of cutting device would have been useful at the moment. Stay prepared for the uncertainties with this MSR fender pack!