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Nolan Adventure/Dual Sport Helmets

Nolan Dual Sport Helmets

Are in need of a new adventure/dual sport motorcycle helmet? Good because BTO Sports has you covered with the best adventure/dual sport motorcycle helmets on the market. Check out the Nolan adventure gear and dual sport gear below.

 Nolan Dual Sport helmet

Nolan Adventure/Dual Sport Helmets

Nolan is an Italian motorcycle company that rooted itself in Berfamo, Italy back in 1972 by Lander Nocchi. If you don’t know, Nolan is the first three letters of Lander and the first two letters of Nocchi, hence Nolan. Nolan kept its headquarters in Italy when all other helmet manufactures moved east to decrease production costs. By staying in Bergamo Italy, Nolan brought business to the local community, kept its local Italian heritage, and kept their innovative and creative Italian ideas that other companies lost.

Their products are produced with the high-quality materials to ensure protection, safety, and customer satisfaction. Nolan has superior control over the quality of the products they produce by manufacturing their own factory and thanks to that they are able to manufacture their helmets with the highest quality of materials available.

Nolan Dual Sport Helmets

Something that is cool about Nolan is that they have their own research team and their own testing lad to that allows them to save money by sending their helmets to outside labs and companies for testing which enables you to purchase them at a lower cost than other helmets. This also allows Nolan to understand which aspects of the helmets are doing well and which need some redesigning instantly.

What this does is allows Nolan to bring back those helmets to the R&D facility to revamp it, and get it in the hands of their customers as fast as possible. There is no down time that would typically come with sending it out, getting the results back, and then eventually getting the helmet back. All of Nolan Helmets are covered by a 5 year limited warranty and their communication products (Ncom) are covered by a 2 year limited warranty

Nolan Helmets

If you are located in the United States and are worried about shipping your helmet to Italy if anything is malfunctioning or broken, don’t worry! Nolan thought of that and they have an agent that is located in Chicago where they perform all the services for Nolan Helmets. Nolan does a great job at getting their products to their customers because they try to ship all of their parts the same day that they receive them and they typically fix the helmets that are sent in the same day they receive them as well. Needless to say, Nolan does a great job at pleasing their customers!

 Nolan Adventure helmet

Some of the products that we carry here at BTO sports are the Nolan N40 Open Face helmet, and the Nolan N40 full Face helmet. Both of these helmets come in three different color schemes and are compatible with the Nolan communication system. They feature the VPS (Vision Protection System) which is anti-scratch and a fog-resistant sunshield. The face shield is optically correct, has UV400 protection and is fitting in a large eye port. The Longer face shield keeps your face protected from wind and other weather elements. Along with that, these helmets have a lightweight aerodynamic Lexan polycarbonate shell construction with a rear spoiler that increase stability. DOT and ECE approved, these helmets will do their job when the battle begins.


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