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Nolan Adventure Touring Communications

Looking for some Bluetooth communication systems for your adventure or dual sport helmet? Maybe you need some wires to set up your new Nolan N Com kit in your buggy or sandrail? Well BTOsports.com has you covered with the Nolan Adventure Communication systems.

 Nolan N Com Bluetooth Systems

Nolan N Com

Nolan is an Italian motorcycle company that began producing motorcycle helmets for riders of all ages and skill levels. Nolan began in Bergamo, Italy in in 1972 by Lander Nocchi. Being proud of their Italian heritage, they decided to remain were their original roots were planted and kept their production in Bergamo while other flocked east to decrease production prices. Keeping their factory open, Nolan was able to keep workers employed and keep their original ethics and morals which in turn has allowed them to prosper into the company they are today.

BTO Sports carries a wide variety of Nolan products for our customers in order to bring you an extensive line of products. We have a great selection of Nolan products and accessories, like the Nolan N Com, to help you communicate with fellow riders throughout your ride. Let’s face it… riding with friends is more fun than riding by yourself, so why not share your experiences throughout your ride with a new communication system from Nolan. We have various products from Nolan such as: the Nolan N Com MCS wire, the Nolan N Com basic kit, and the Nolan N Com B5 Bluetooth helmet kit.

Nolan N Com Bluetooth Kits

The Nolan N Com Bluetooth kit is capable of connecting with any brand of Bluetooth intercom system, can connect up to six bikes and two phones simultaneously, and can connect with Bluetooth-enable GPS systems. This Nolan N Com Bluetooth kit literally talks hands-free to a whole new level. It’s one of the great reasons why BTO Sports offers this product to our customers too. If you are over talking to your friends because they can’t keep their mouths shut, well bump some of your favorite tunes that you have saved on your phone or other Bluetooth device; if you don’t have music saved don’t worry because there is FM radio capabilities that allow you to listen to something other than your friends.

 Nolan N Com

We also have the Nolan E-Box Bluetooth kit 3 system. This system allows you the opportunity to have rider to passenger communication, bike to bike communication, and FM radio in one convenient Bluetooth system. This is the newest version of the N Com Bluetooth Ebox system and is to be used with the basic kit 2. Being compatible with digital music player was a simple must-have and Nolan incorporated it into this system.

Last is the wiring system that you will need in order to connect all of your Bluetooth systems. The Nolan N Com MCS 2 wire is able to connect to select Nolan helmets so make sure yours is one that has this capability. This wire is able to connect to Honda Goldwing motorcycles and Harley Davidson motorcycles, but require different wiring kits. Make sure you are selecting the correct one before you check out!