Roland Sands Dual Sport Gloves

Roland Sands Adventure Gloves

Roland Sands is a top tier motorcycle company that produces high quality motorcycle riding gear and apparel such as custom helmets, jackets, and dual sport gloves. Dual sport gloves are the one piece of riding equipment that will keep you in total control of your motorcycle. Check out our selection of Roland Sands dual sport gloves below.

 Roland Sands Dual Sport Gloves

Roland Sands Designs Gloves

Roland Sands is an upper echelon motorcycle company that produces custom bikes, custom helmets, and produces world class designs body paint for motorcycle enthusiasts around the nation. Roland began this company in Long Beach, California because he has a passion for 2-wheeled adventures and thrills. This passion brought him into the professional ranks of motorcycle riding for nearly 10 years, but after a heartbreaking decision that concluded his professional career he stepped back and started this company. With a passion for art and computer design, he began building custom motorcycles and products that quickly escalated into what we see today.

BTO Sports is proud to carry these products because we know where their quality and craftsmanship stems from and why. These products are made with the upmost desire and passion to be the best across the entire spectrum and are made by individuals who love to ride. These dual sport gloves will provide you with insane comfort, amazing durability, and immaculate protection to keep riding for many seasons to come. Some of the Dual Sport gloves that we carry are the Barfly Gloves, the Dezel, and the Ace Glove.

 Roland Sands Gloves

Roland Sands Dual Sport Gloves

The Barfly glove is a classic, leather styled dual sport glove that is perfect for summer, spring, and fall riding conditions. It is constructed from top grain cowhide leather that provides you with great protection, and great feeling of your controls. This adventure glove also increases comfort with its padded palm that also helps to reduce vibrations of your motorcycle and its reinforcement gives you the protection and comfort you’re looking for.

The Dezel dual sport glove from Roland Sands Designs is a glove that may not fit everyone’s style, but it sure will meet there standards and expectations of performance and comfort. This dual sport glove is also constructed from top grain cowhide, but instead of the hook and loop closure system, it incorporates a short ship/strap closure system for a precise fitment. Increasing flexibility, comfort, and protection is its flex ribbing, reinforced and padded palm, and its pre-curved ergonomic fitment. This glove provides riders with the optimal levels of comfort, protection, and durability.

Lastly, is the Roland Sands Designs Ace adventure glove. This RSD glove is the more modern looking glove out of the bunch as it is all black colored leather that has reinforced knuckle, hand and wrist padding. It also has flex ribbed knuckles that provide great flexibility whereas the padded and reinforced knuckles and palm provide ideal protection and comfort. These gloves are great for every day riding and will last you for multiple seasons, if treated with the right type of TLC.