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Scorpion Adventure/Dual Sport Motorcycle Gear

Scorpion Adventure/Dual Sport Gear

Scorpion adventure gear and dual sport gear is here at BTOsports.com. Check out our selection of Scorpion motorcycle gear, adventure gear, and dual sport gear today!

 Scorpion dual sport gear

Scorpion Motorcycle Gear

Scorpion produces high quality motorcycle helmets, motorcycle gear, and accessories for various levels of riders. Men and women get to experience the quality and performance on Scorpion motorcycle gear whether they ride street bikes, Harleys, cafe cruisers, or adventure/dual sport motorcycles. Scorpion has made it their commitment to provide riders of different ages and skill levels with world class motorcycle gear and adventure/dual sport gear to ensure their safety and enhance their riding experience with each and every ride. They have been in business for over 10 years and have dedicated themselves to produce innovative motorcycle helmets and apparel that are made with the upmost quality and materials.

Scorpion Adventure Gear

Scorpion doesn’t guess when they produce their products; they spend countless hours working in the design lab to ensure their products are going to meet the standards and expectations of each of their customers and Scorpion also works with leading professional race teams and riders to expand their research and development. This ensures that their motorcycle helmets are meeting the standards of top riders around the world, which should have a positive effect on the consumer side of things as well. Scorpion isn’t the world’s leading manufacturer of motorcycle helmets for no reason; Scorpion dedicates their selves to providing the two-wheeled lovers with high performance technical protective motorcycle helmets they can rely on within a reasonable price range.

Scorpion doesn’t just produce leading motorcycle helmets; they also have a wide range of adventure/dual sport apparel to choose from as well. We have anything from dual sport jackets to dual sport pants and gloves, and the same goes for adventure gear to! Here at BTO Sports, we want our customers to have the greatest selection of adventure/dual sport motorcycle gear to choose from which is why we stock up in all of the scorpion motorcycle gear you can think of! If you are unable to find a specific product, you can contact us and we will do our best to find you the perfect set of Scorpion adventure/dual sport gear.

 Scorpion adventure gear

Scorpion Adventure/Dual Sport Motorcycle Gear

From adventure/dual sport helmets to motorcycle jackets and gloves, you will find all of that right here at BTOsports.com. Some of these products that we carry are the EXO CT220 helmet. This helmet is a half face helmet that is great for dual sport riding. You are receiving similar protection that you would from a full face helmet, but you get to feel the wind in your face as you ride. Some people prefer this while others go for the more protective helmets, but it is all personal preference. This Adventure/dual sport helmet is constructed from an Advanced LG polycarbonate shell that comes with an anti-microbial fabric liner. This liner is incredibly comfortable and the triple density foam only adds to that. This helmet is DOT approved and comes with a 5 year warranty; it also has been equipped with an Aero-tuned ventilation system to provide the rider with maximum cooling. This Scorpion adventure helmet is great for the casual rider looking to go out on a Sunday ride.

We also have a great collection of Scorpion dual sport jackets. These jackets are made with the upmost quality and materials to ensure durability, protection, and comfort. One of the jackets that we have is the Scorpion Ascendant jacket. This jacket is available in four different color schemes and comes with top quality features that make it one of the best. This Scorpion adventure/dual sport gear is constructed with the durable 600 denier poly fabric that adds abrasion resistant qualities to the jacket. Along with that, there are CE approved body protectors in the elbows, shoulders, and the back. Additionally, this jacket was waterproof properties that make it great for winter weather riding. Check out all of the Scorpion dual sport and adventure gear here at BTOsports.com! If you have any questions, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.