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Shoei Dual Sport Helmets

Shoei Adventure Helmets

Shoei dual sport helmets are here at BTOsports.com. Check out our great selection of Shoei dual sport helmets and accessories today for some of the best prices on Shoei motorcycle helmets. Whether you’re a motocross rider, or a street rider, we will provide you with the right Shoei helmet for your preferred style of riding.

 Shoei Dual Sport Helmets

Shoei Helmets

Shoei has been a premium motorcycle helmet manufacturer that has evolved the motorcycle and dual sport helmets to be better than ever. Founded back in 1959, they have years of experience, testing, and research and development which have helped them become the world’s premium helmet manufacturer. BTO Sports carries various models of the Shoei Hornet X2 dual sport helmet so you can have the ultimate selection of graphic design and color schemes. We have the Shoei Hornext X2 Navigate, Seeker, and Solid helmet.

Shoei X2 Dual Sport Helmets

One of the Shoei helmets that is on sale is the Hornet X2 Seeker dual sport helmet. And just over 15% off, you can save over $100 US dollars on your next purchase of a Shoei helmet. The X2 Seeker is constrcutexd with a multi-ply matric AIM+ shell that gives it impeccable impact protection. Aim+ stands for angular impact mitigation system and it helps decrease the energy transfer from your helmet to your brain upon impact. Most helmets have not been tested for the rotational impact protection and more often than not only test for linear.

As technology grows, so does the testing standards and methods which is why it is important to understand what your helmet is tested for, and why. More often than not, you are going to tumble, roll, and skip across the ground hitting your head in various places throughout the crash. The rotational impact system helps target key areas of the helmet that help manufacturers understand how the helmet reacts to these crashes ultimately providing you with substantial protection systems. The R & D team at Shoei gets that, thankfully, and provides us with great technology that helps mitigate brain injuries. The Hornet x2 Seeker dual sport helmet also comes with a 3D Max-Dry system interior that helps keep your head dry throughout your ride and the ventilation system provides you with adequate airflow for premium cooling.

Shoei Dual Sport Helmets

The Hornet X2 Navigate helmet is constructed with a multi-ply matrix plus fiber shell that is smaller, lighter, and more compact and aerodynamic so maximum protection and comfort. It incorporates a dual density EPS liner that increases impact protection without compromising ventilation. This adventure helmet also feature the Max-Dry system to keep your head cool and dry throughout your ride while also incorporating removable ear pads, breathe guard, and chin curtain. The visor is a CNS-2 shield system that is 3D injection molded to provide you with a distortion free line of sight for optimal vision.

The innovative ribs on the top of this face shield improve the structural rigidity while opening and closing, and the pinlock pins hold it securely in place. This helmet is Snell and DOT approved so you can race on the track with a safety approved helmet. Available in 6 shell sizes and 3 color schemes, the hardest part will be finding the perfect color scheme to match your gear or bike with.

If you have any questions regarding these products contact us via email, phone, or live chat and we will assist you along the way. Thank you for choosing BTOsports.com for all your dual sport, adventure/touring, and motorcycle gear, parts, apparel, and accessories. We greatly appreciate your business.

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